Monday, March 2, 2020

This is the last blog post.

Well, it had to come to an end sometime, right?
Blogging is not fitting into life in the last few years.
I will relocate news and other stuff to my website.

Carla, my trusty assistant, is rounding up the best writing posts from here and will post them on my website as articles as she expands it throughout 2020.

Also: book merch will be back with new and improved items.

Before I take off, I have a few things to say.

1. Thank you for your support since 2008 and beyond. It always meant the world to me to hear from readers here and tell you guys good news or share posts about how writing, Vaseline, and chickens somehow connect in my mind. And thank you if you ever did one of my writing contests. I plan on making those bigger and wider in the coming years, with real prizes.

2. So, uh. DIG. won the Michael L. Printz Award in January at ALA in Philadelphia. Look. I'm not even kidding.

It is still sinking in, really. 
We are all very proud and I owe huge love and thanks to everyone at Dutton, but most especially Andrew Karre, my editor, because he believed in this book the way I did and that's the best thing. See you at ALA for the big night in Chicago. 

3. DIG. is also a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. I'll see you there in April, if you're going. I'll be the one in the pants. 

4. You can still find me on Instagram, Facebook (not as often), and Twitter (kinda sometimes). 

5. Check my website for news and small posts like this one...eventually. I have a few months of writing to do on NEW BOOKS. Stay tuned for that info. 

6. You are all so rad, I want to give you goats. 

Love, Amy

GEK: Still skating <3