Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hey Ma! I'm in People Magazine!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


from Listening Library

Read by Karissa Vacker

WInner of Audiofile magazine's Earphones Award!

"The skills of author and narrator make a seamless transition into magical realism."


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A week from now, this shit is official.

The other day I was searching for something specific over here on the blog. It was just a picture. But when I searched I saw posts from way back wherein I used to be funny. (Usually about hotel promotions involving naked ladies or weirdoes who contact me on Facebook.) I'm still funny in real life, but blogging isn't fitting into my real life like it used to.

So here's something funny. 

About six months after explaining the different ways same-sex couples can have children,
the kid brought me this masterpiece. Yes, those are individual sperm cells in what appear to be
clear beakers. I love the bank feel of the whole thing.

In a week, Still Life with Tornado will be out in the world. 

I will be in Arkansas on release day talking with students and the public about all of my books and probably something about a suitcase and succotash. It's good to stay busy on launch day because nothing really happens on launch day in my experience. Somewhere around that day an essay I just wrote for Bustle will be published. That essay nearly ripped my heart out because it was personal. The longer I do this job, the more I wish I wasn't so personal when I write books. I wish I was writing about completely fictional things, which I am, but I'm not, really. People who know me and read my books know the parts that might be real. Although some other people who know me think that the completely fictional things are real and the real things are fictional. You can't help this as a writer. I think it happens to all of us. 

Anyway, when I wrote that piece I wondered who would laugh at the sad experience I shared within. I still wonder. I know at least one person will laugh--and that's not me being paranoid. It's me being real. People laugh at other people's pain all the time. I don't know. I guess I wonder how messed up it is to be one of those people. 

This whole line of thinking relates well to Still Life with Tornado because it does. In a bunch of ways. But since I'm here and talking about it, I'd still like to know who stole my damn senior year art project and stuffed it in my art teacher's patina crockpot two shelves up, behind her desk. While it may have seemed funny at the time, I have a feeling now, 30 years later, whoever crumbled it up and hid it might wonder if they were wrong to do that. Or maybe not. Maybe mean people stay mean and people like me wonder about them 30 years later. Who knows, right? 

Random Sightings

Enough with the deep thoughts. 
Here are some random sightings of Tornado around the place this week...

STILL LIFE WITH TORNADO is one of Apple's FIVE best YA books of October!

"With its unforgettable narrator and its unexpected mix of surrealism, comedy, and tragedy, A.S. King's Still Life with Tornado knocked our socks off. King is known for tackling dark subject matter in her YA bestsellers, and she has serious cred with high school–age readers. But adults will love this book, too, for its wit, intelligence, and dead-on insights on family dynamics and the thrilling, grueling process of growing up."

And a fifth star!

So now I have to go and pack. I'm doing it in a small gate-checkable suitcase, y'all. Unless I'm heading to, like, Australia, I'm not checking baggage ever again. 

Oh yeah. 


I'm Voting. And I want you to vote too. 

Right. Packing. I should do that now.
Arkansas, Wichita & St. Paul, I'm coming your way first! I'll be the one in the wrinkled clothing and probably sandals.


If ever you worried about me getting locked in the trunk of my car--and who hasn't worried about that?--you now know I'm totally safe. (It's glow in the dark! Except how does it recharge it in order to be glow in the dark? This part confuses me. Only one way to find out, I guess.)

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