Monday, August 15, 2016

Let's catch up.

Before I forget, tomorrow, August 16, is release day for the paperback of I CRAWL THROUGH IT.

I once wrote a post here called "We make paper boats; We cannot control the wind." The post was about how this book came to be. How I quit. How it didn't let me quit. Something like that.

At the end of the post I talked about how we make paper boats, but we can't control the wind. I knew I CRAWL THROUGH IT would be way out of some readers' comfort zones. I'm kinda used to making people uncomfortable. I CRAWL THROUGH IT is a surrealist novel. It's not for everyone. And yet, the letters and comments I get about it from teens and from adults alike are always tear-filled and urgent--the same way the book came to me. 

Paperback of I CRAWL THROUGH IT. Grab one for yourself or for anyone who might enjoy weird, thoughtful things. 

"This novel is an ambitious, haunting work of art."
--SLJ (starred review)


I have a lot of news because it's been months since I've been here. But I don't think you want me to bore you with most of my news. (No, I didn't get the deck done; yes, I got the tree in front of my house down but haven't replaced it yet and it now looks like a meteor hit; yes, I planted the front flowerbed; yes, we got the basement job finished and it looks awesome! (I'll post a picture next time if you want.) I am still the ping pong champ in my house. And I got a new fuel pump for my car...etc.) What really matters is: new book release on October 11th, tour info, and vague mention of another book coming in January for younger readers. 

But first: Want to come party with me? Want to get your hands on Still Life with Tornado two days before it officially comes out? Aaron's Books has room for 55 people and I'd love for you to be one of them. 


Aaron's Books, 35 E. Main Street, Lititz, PA 17543. 
Sunday, October 9th, 2016

RSVP is required. Do it here. 

If you can't make the party, PRE-ORDER your SIGNED copy HERE and Aaron's Books will send it to you! Pre-order before October 6th and you get a 15% discount. 


Still Life with Tornado is getting some killer trade reviews, including three starred reviews. 
(That's three more reasons to eat tacos.)

★"Lack of original ideas is not something found in work by A.S. King, who blurs reality, truth, violence, emotion, creativity, and art in a show of respect for YA readers."--Horn Book Magazine

★"One of the things that sets Sarah’s existential crisis in motion is her art teacher’s comment that there is no such thing as an original idea; clearly, Miss Smith has never read one of King’s novels. The presentation of the surreal as real, the deeply thoughtful questions she poses, the way she empowers her teenage characters to change the trajectory of their lives—King writes with the confidence of a tightrope walker working without a net."--PW

★"A deeply moving, frank, and compassionate exploration of trauma and resilience, filled to the brim with incisive, grounded wisdom."--Booklist Magazine

"King understands and writes teen anxieties like no other, resulting in difficult, resonant, compelling characters and stories." --Kirkus Reviews

I don't want to bog you down with too much in one post. So I will post tour dates later this week. 

I'll also save the vague book news for later, too. 

Back soon. Promise. 

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Kim Norcross said...

Holy smokes! I thought MY summer was busy! I am excited for the new read. I signed up for the AARON's debut party! You are such an inspiration for me - the "someday-I'll-get-the-books-outta-my-head-and-onto-paper" wind beneath my wings!