Tuesday, September 1, 2015



I've won things since I was last here.

I'm very thrilled to tell you that GLORY O'BRIEN'S HISTORY OF THE FUTURE has won the New Atlantic Independent Bookseller's Association (NAIBA) Best Book of the Year in the YA category. Can't wait to shell out a ton of Indie Love at the conference in early October.

And if that wasn't cool enough, GLORY got word that she won the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award from ALAN. And I sure can't wait for the ALAN conference this year to shell out huge Teacher Love. I missed you all last year!

I'm humbled, grateful and stoked. All at the same time.

So now, you should win things, too.


I have two Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of I Crawl Through It to give away.

You have until Monday 9-7-15 at 11:59pm EDT.

There are two ways to do this. 

Challenge #1: Take a picture of yourself crawling through something weird. (Thanks to @OPSMrWiegert on Twitter for this idea.) Post it to me (@AS_King) on Twitter. If you remember, please use the hashtag #icrawlthroughit but if you forget and you just post it to me, that's okay, too. 

This one is a Twitter contest. (If you choose the picture challenge. Keep reading if you don't choose the picture challenge.) If you're not on Twitter, leave me a comment below and let me know where I can see your entry.

Here's me crawling through a large pretzel. 

Amy crawling through a giant pretzel. 

I crawled through it instead, see?

Challenge #2: If you're shy or generally not into posting pictures of yourself you have another choice. You can write me a poem. The title must be: 

"How To Tell If Your ___________ Is Real"

You fill in the blank and write me a poem. 

No word count here. You can go as short as you'd like. But please, nothing over 30 lines. 

Example from I CRAWL THROUGH IT:

How To Tell If Your Bed Is Real 

Your bed is real if you are safe inside of it.
Your bed is real if you are safe outside of it. 

That's the shortest poem in the book. So don't feel you need to go that short.
Post your poem in the comment section, please.

If anything here is confusing, let me know in the comments. I wrote this while rushing out the door.

Adding: This contest is international! I lived abroad a long time. I get it. :)

Good luck!


Zach J. Payne said...

Congrats on everything~! :)

How to tell if your body is real.

I can feel my bones. I have bones, I think;
it seems my skin is slipping, slack and pooling.

And what are muscles? Atrophy sets in;
I diminish, dust and empty clothes
carried on electric cool currents,
strewn across this living room.

Living? Yes. Dammit, I'm alive.
A dustpan, please. If I can't be whole,
then give me the dignity of being in one place;
self contained, sweep me into grandmother's urn.

She's not here, but I am, I am.
I need the help. I'm still here --

if only by a flutter. Yes,
that's the heart flying, myocardium intact
when everything else is gone.

Sweep me together and, heart beating,
I will rise from dust.

A.S. King said...

Holy shit, Zach!
That's amazing!

Ignacia said...

How to tell If your view is real.

Get out of yourself
and look at the world through different eyes.

You are much more than your sight.
You are all your senses.

You aren't your insecurities.
You aren't your inner voice.
You aren't your illness nor your demons.
You aren't what people told you.

You. Are.