Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Launch Day, I CRAWL THROUGH IT.

It's book launch day.

Which is always a weird day, really. Mostly I walk around trying to figure out what to wear to the launch party and end up wearing an Indiebound t-shirt and jeans anyway.

So far I: ate some Corn Flakes, drank a liter of water, and wrote a few thank you emails. Now I'm going to start packing presents in boxes and sending them to the people who helped make this book a reality.

This is a weird book. I can't lie about that. You have to drop your own need for your own real world and just let the world of the book take over. Some people can't do that and that's okay. Surrealism isn't for everyone.

Usually on launch day, I post a poem. And I will do that. But first, a few links.

So you know I read the audio for I CRAWL THROUGH IT myself, right? Here's a link to an excerpt. The final audiobook will be out soon. This excerpt is a doozy. They picked a good chapter.

Then there are interviews and articles and surprises.

Over on Caroline Leavitt's blog here. 

Over at Forever Young Adult here. 

And a lovely article on Teen Librarian Toolbox at SLJ here. 

And then a surprise lovely review over at Shelf Awareness today with a shiny star in front of it!

So okay. Poem time.

This one comes right from the book.

Your Kale/Kiwi Juice Has More Self-Esteem Than I Do

Kale/kiwi juice
just goes in one side
comes out the other
makes everything happier
the whole way through.

It never worries about
being safe or wearing
the right clothes
so no one will treat it

like it doesn’t matter.

Happy reading!

And don't forget to believe.

And oh: on of the theme songs to this book is "The Beigeness" by Kate Tempest. Here she is. Genius.

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