Thursday, July 2, 2015

T-shirts and Aprons and Kirkus.

Hello again.

I just came back from here.

Here was very nice.

But now I'm back to work and before I disappear for a month or so into the revision cave, I wanted to share a few things with you.

First, if ever you wanted to buy something from the A.S. King book apparel store now is the time to do it. Printfection will be closing the store on July 31st. That gives you a few weeks to choose between the Ken Dietz Face Your Shit Flowchart apron or the Send Love, It Helps t-shirt among many other cool things. Just click on the image below and go for it.

In other news, Kirkus Reviews weighed in on I Crawl Through It and said nice things. 

"A meditation on grief, guilt, and survival…. Readers [will be] rewarded with the self-actualization of finely wrought characters…. Absolutely worthwhile.”--Kirkus Reviews

I think I'm forgetting something.
But I always think I'm forgetting something.
If I really am, I'll be back.

Happy swimming!

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