Friday, July 10, 2015

Cool Packages & a Star. Tacos!

This week, I got two very very cool packages.
I expected neither of them. Those are the best kind of cool packages, I reckon.

First it was a package from Brazil.

That's Ask the Passengers in Portuguese.
And it's one awesome looking book.
Also: that's me right after I wake up. 
The second package was from Korea.

It's Reality Boy in Korean.
It's a stunning cover--so hard to tell even from this image. 

Yes. I am wearing that hat every day while I revise the 2016 book. I wore a lab coat all last year when I revised I CRAWL THROUGH it. I am 100% comfortable admitting this to you. I don't care if you think I'm weird.

Review News

I can't share it yet, but Booklist  gave I CRAWL THROUGH IT a really lovely review with a shiny star attached! That's three for this novel and I'm just thrilled with three. It's a magic number.

Best line ever

Tonight I was at Aaron's Books, my local Independent bookstore, celebrating their 10th anniversary and they asked me to sign books and set me up at a table and this was where I heard the best thing so far in my career.

"Are you, like, manning an A.S. King book table?"

Some days are just surreal, y'all.

I wrote a blog post over at Hippodilly Circus

You should check it out. It's about listening and how it can help us all treat each other better.  After that, you should read the rest of the blog because it's awesome.

That's all I got.
Back to the cave in my hat.

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