Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ready for tacos?

It's been a sad week in the news. It's always weird getting good news while bad things are happening in the world. That said, as someone who works with V-Day, I'm aware every day of bad things happening in the world.

Maybe that seems glib, but I don't mean it to be glib. I'm tired of the world and everything that goes on in it. So, I locked myself in an office about 20 years ago and I rarely come out.

Sometimes I pop up and share good news.
Today is one of those days.


I used screenshots. I'll note that the BUY NOW area has some irony this time around. You can't BUY NOW from the top choice there because Amazon isn't allowing pre-orders for the book due to the fact that I am published with Hachette/Little, Brown. Oh well. If you want to pre-order the book try other options listed. Or check out my last blog post for a 15% discount at my local independent bookstore. Fast shipping, friendly people. 

Since I mentioned V-Day earlier and we're here now, right under that line about inspiring a new wave of activists, I just want to say: Activism saves my life. Every time I am involved with making the lives of others better--even in a small way--I feel okay about leaving my office.

I don't care if it's a local basketball club or a library board or running a swimming pool or teaching adults how to read or being part of the Vagina Monologues or if it's simply retweeting a powerful message from a group that saves lives. The more we talk about the truth and what it really means, the better the world will get. The more we get involved in making the world better, the more good will come from our world.

For now, I'm back in my office. I'm nearly finished with all edits on that secret 2015 book. You will hear about it soon, I promise. And the 2016 book is sharping up nicely. I think.

Thank you for sharing my good news with me.
It's nice to have friends like you.


Anonymous said...

The things you do matter.
It's nice to know a person like you. :)

Unknown said...

Yes. Maybe that's why I needed to watch some random flash mob videos today. Because of the reactions--the smiles, the joy, the participation--they got. Decreasing world-suck helps not only us, but the world.

Thanks for the reminder.

ana said...

Your books have this spark that always inspire me to make better whatever it is that I'm doing. When I finish reading them I feel stronger, and I feel that I'm capable of changing something, even in a small way, like you said. Sad news always affect me in a way that I need to take comfort from art, that I need to hope I can change, I can light a sparkle of inspiration in someone's life, like you d in mine. Blergh, I don't know where I'm going with this comment, I was going to tell on twitter that you you put into words what I'm feeling right now but I couldn't in 140 characters..