Saturday, August 2, 2014

I'm not going to talk about what month it is.

But dudes, it's August.
2014 has got to slow the hell down.

First, we'll catch you up with random pictures.

Where did we leave off?
June. Okay.
So after Carson City, I traveled back to Nevada--more specifically to Las Vegas--for the American Library Association's annual convention. You know how much I love all the awesome librarians, right?

Las Veg. It's the vegetable capitol of the world. 

Here is me and the awesome Ingrid.
Okay, I totally know that this is a picture of me in front of a picture of Ingrid,
but even though I have no other pictures of me with awesome librarians,
trust that I did chill with awesome librarians. 

Spot the simple country girl.
Yes, she's the one in her hotel room taking the picture of the pool/s
at Caesar's Palace. 

I don't trust this guy. 

I will admit that the simple country girl in me didn't think she'd like Vegas all that much. And she was right. She didn't really dig the scene. But in the 36 hours I was in Vegas, I did get to see a whole lot of loving librarians and then I reversed the curse of 1993.

You might want to know about the curse of 1993, so I will tell you. I went to Atlantic City when I was 23 and pretty poor. I gave $20 to Mr. King and $20 to myself. This was when slot machines still paid out in quarters and you actually pulled a lever. I liked that. Made one feel like one had control over the machine more than pressing a button and leaving it up to luck. A fantasy I know, but I allow myself these fantasies.
Anyway. I'd never gambled before.

As I gambled, I lost. And then I won. I got all the way to $40 total and like all gamblers, I decided to keep playing and win more. But of course I only lost more...until I lost it all. Mr. King was smarter. He got to $40 and stopped. So, while we did go home with the same amount in our pockets (or more accurately in those big plastic cups they give you for your $40 worth of laundry quarters) I vowed to never gamble again.

I didn't quite hold to that promise. I put 5 Euro on an Irish long distance runner during the Olympics for both of her races. I lost 10 Euro. I also bought an occasional Irish scratch card because they were straightforward and I always lost. Oh. And there was NAIBA in Atlantic City a few years ago when I lost $20 at the blackjack table in under 4 minutes while watching Eric Wight clean up. (That man can play blackjack.) Bottom line: I never won and it was because of the curse of 1993.

And then, in Vegas, after a lovely dinner with Ellen Hopkins, I decided--moments before I checked out of my hotel--to put a dollar bill into a slot machine--the kind that still has a lever to pull even though it's just a fantasy. That dollar won me 5 dollars. I decided to try my luck with the 5 dollars (some things never change) and on the 4th dollar, I won $40.

I cashed out. The cashier saw the look on my face and must have thought I won a ton of money because he laughed when he saw the amount. I told him that I just beat the curse of 1993, so that $40 was more than just $40.

And so. Now you know how boring a writer's life really is. It takes a mere $40 to make me freak out.

Guess what book I reread on the flight to Vermont. 

I headed home for a week and then went to work in gorgeous Vermont for the July 2014 VCFA (Vermont College of Fine Arts) residency. It was a hectic and fast residency and I saw six of my former students graduate and may have shed Vulcan tears at the graduation, but bagpipes do that to me.

At VCFA, we work hard and then we get to dance.
In this instance, I might have baby arms in my hair. 

Lecture day. Thanks to Karen for taking this picture
so I could send it home and prove I do more than dance at VCFA. 

After nearly 2 weeks at VCFA, I headed home to do laundry (and use the noun construct too much in everyday conversation) and kiss the kids before I left for a secret location to chill out for the first time in ages and start writing the next book for a week. It was a very cool trip.

And now it's August. 

And hey! Good News! Glory O'Brien's History of the Future is a Junior Library Guild pick!

That's Tai Chi in the Caribbean at 7am. I had the sea to myself. 


This isn't just another random bathroom picture. It's a personality test.
Ask your friends what they think the woman is dropping in the toilet.
So far, I've heard about five different answers and the results are really telling.
Me? I think it's a measuring cup and a tea bag.
Another friend thought it was a pipe and a bag of drugs.
A musician I know said it was a sax reed and a post-it note.
Test your friends.
Unless you have lots of other stuff to do. Then you should probably do that stuff instead.

Cool things to remember:

  • Reality Boy is coming out in paperback on September 23rd. 
  • I'll be speaking at the NAIBA conference in Arlington, VA on September 21st at the Sunday Breakfast. I'm so excited by this because INDEPENDENT BOOKSELLERS ARE MY HEROES and I love to tell them this as often as possible. 
  • Andrew Smith and I will be Boxing With Friends at the Pennsylvania Library Association's annual conference in Lancaster, PA on September 28th. 
  • Glory O'Brien's History of the Future is coming out on October 14th and the official launch party at Aaron's Books in Lititz, PA is that same night. 7pm. You're invited. Lititz is lovely in October. 
  • I have yet to get exact times/dates for my time in San Francisco and Santa Cruz during launch week, but I promise they are coming. 
  • I'll be at the Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin, TX on October 18th. Can't wait for this!
  • I'll also be at the Boston Book Festival on October 24/25th. 
  • And don't forget your second chance to visit lovely Lititz, PA for the Lititz Kid Lit Festival on November 1st. There are a lot of great authors coming in for this year's festival and you won't want to miss it. 

This is like a flipping Captain's log lately. I went here. I did this. Me me me. Blah blah blah. I promise you the Writer's Middle Finger Part 8 before the end of the year. And maybe something else that's interesting. Like, soon you will see the title of the secret 2015 book.

For now, I'm off to write for two weeks before student work arrives in my inbox.

Remember: never put measuring cups in the toilet.


Robin said...

Crack pipe and nicotine patch.

Anonymous said...

a cut-up eyepatch and some open daycream.

Unknown said...

Haiku response

Worst date ever. vow-
Toss toothbrush and dental floss.
Never kiss again.