Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's June. How'd That Happen?

I've been gone for a while. Sorry about that. It's June. That's crazy. The last time I checked, I was still not believing that it was May. Apparently, I have issues with time. I zoom in, I zoom out. I'm afraid this trend will continue.

Updating you on things and pictures and travels.

Rochester Teen Book Festival ROCKED as always.

This was year 9 for them. (Next year is year 10 and hell yes I'll be there! Holla!)
Got to hang out with good friends, read a few minds (that's my talent--did you know that?) and present a panel called Boxing With Friends with the incredible Andrew Smith.

Here are some random pictures.

Happy TBFers. Me, Andrew Smith, mystery guy, Terry Trueman.

More happy TBFers! G. Neri, Laurie Halse Anderson, Andrew Smith.
Mind reading. I got that. 

Got my hands on a book I really wanted. Traded my only GLORY O'BRIEN arc for it.
Worth it. This book is awesome.
Coming in September!

So...we cut it kinda close on the way home.
I always say, "Remind me to fill up before I leave Rochester."

Then I did some stuff. It probably involved teaching. And revising the still-secret 2015 book. I have no idea what else happened. I know I didn't write a new book because I finally started doing that this weekend. I read some great books. I read a ton of graphic novels (Andre the Giant thanks to :01 publishers) and I loved them.

Next up: BEA--Book Expo America in NYC. 

BEA rocked. I was so honored to be invited to the Bookrageous party on Wednesday night at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe where I got to meet so many awesome people. There are pictures from the night all over Twitter (check out E. Lockhart's selfie of us--it's adorable...also like 2 weeks old by now) but I didn't get one shot of anything with my own camera. Bonus: I finally got to meet Liberty Hardy--my favorite badass bookseller after years of Internet love.

Before the party, I got to hang with Jen Blom--remember I talked about her book Possum Summer here a few years ago? Jen lives in Berlin and organizes/runs book fairs in Germany and beyond and though we've spoken many times, this was our first face-to-face meeting. I took her to my favorite NYC diner for breakfast-for-dinner and then we walked through Times Square for kicks.

Jen Blom rocks. 

The next day, I signed books...

Green room!
 ...I heard my waiting line was long and I thank everyone who stood in it for an hour or more to see me and get an advance copy of Glory O'Brien's History of the Future. For me, nothing was longer than the lines for the ladies bathroom at Javits. Dudes. What's up with a 20 minute lady-wait to pee? It's just not cool.

...and then I went to a Little, Brown party at Lucky Strike, the coolest venue I ever saw. There was bowling, a pool table and a bar. Who needs anything else? And yes, I bowled I strike. I also bowled a gutterball. Just like life, my bowling. I also won one game of pool and lost one game of pool. I love a balanced universe.

Whenever I see Daniel Handler he makes me laugh and I like that.

Next up, Carson City Literary Festival.
Look. When Ellen Hopkins asks you to do something, you do it.
And then you have fun. A great weekend was had with many awesome authors and events and I can't wait to go back if ever I'm lucky enough to be asked.
I took no pictures. I have no idea why. But here are the pictures I took on the trip:

Wing shot. About to land in Reno. 

Let's have a look at the perspective here. Is that a giant razor blade or a tiny fork? An even tinier bar of soap? And is that tabasco sauce? And hold up--top left--isn't that a tissue? So...razor blades and tissues? How are they alike? Anyway. Enjoy this one. I sure did. 

This picture is only for Black Sabbath fans.

I found this awesome graphic on Twitter thanks to Bookshop Santa Cruz. I'll be there this October while I'm traveling to the west coast and then to Austin for the Teen Book Festival there.
Fall tour dates to come. 

ALA is at the end of the month. I'll be at the Little, Brown BFYR dance party on Friday night (6/27) and then in the Little, Brown BFYR booth signing from 2pm-3pm on Saturday (6/28). Then I will be whisked off by a unicorn pony and taken back to the airport for a redeye home.

Save the date: The GLORY O'BRIEN'S HISTORY OF THE FUTURE launch party is Tuesday October 14th at Aaron's Books in Lititz, PA. 7pm. Bring your friends. We're bound to have fun and eat cake. More on that once I come to the surface.

Now, more silence from me until I get back from VCFA July residency. It's been a crazy year. It will be another crazy year to come, but then there will be a celebration in May 2015 that you might hear all the way from the moon when Mr. King becomes a teacher. Never say never. You can do anything you put your mind to whenever you want to. This man is walking proof.

I swear I'm forgetting something.

If I remember, I'll be back.
If I'm not back, have a great summer. I'll be swimming laps, writing and reading books, and wearing more skorts. Because: skorts.