Monday, February 3, 2014

Greetings from the Cave.

Deep in the revision cave a semi-hygenic creature lurks, wearing a pair of sequined camouflage slippers with pink fuzzy accents and pompoms. Last week it wore a scientist's lab jacket to work until Thursday. This week, it is over-wearing its favorite blue, white and black flannel shirt. It drinks far too much chamomile tea with honey. It is a caffeine-free beast who may or may not have stood on a table at some point over the weekend and said, while holding a small axe, "I AM QUEEN! I HAVE AN AXE! DO NOT VEX ME!"

These are the things you miss when you don't follow me on Twitter.

I am a revision machine. I fear this trend will continue.
And so, I will keep this blog short. But there are random pictures with bonus screenshots you may not want to miss after the boring news part.


I forgot to tell you that Reality Boy was a New York Times Editors' Choice the weekend after Christmas. Go Gerald.

Reality Boy also made the Best Fiction for Young Adults list. A lot of really great titles on this list.

There was a really fantastic interview at YALSA's The Hub, where the awesome Julie Bartel asked me some questions and the stars kinda aligned and I found some good answers. I want to point you to it. Click here.

Then today, I found out that Reality Boy made the YALSA Quick Picks list.

All around good week for the creature in the cave.


Here is Gerald with some of his bling at ALAMW.
Photo cred: Michael The Awesome Bourret
While we're here, a huge shout out to all winners
at the ALAMW conference in Philly.

I am posting this in order to remind you that:
Look, I know what you're thinking. You think Drew's my friend
and that I'm asking this because of some weirdo writer bond we have.
Not true.
You just have to read it.
It's the best damn book I've read in a long time.
I urge you, adults and teens and whoever likes a good read, to buy it.
Unstoppable corn, man.
It comes out Feb 11th. 


It's time to empty my screenshot folder again and ask you what the hell is going on. Remember, I don't actually click on these. I just try to guess what the hell is going on when they appear in my sidebar.

This is news.
Or what passes as news.
Or kinda-news.
And this list is just awesome when read in order.
I have to ask: Who is this Dr. Oz and what is going on here?
Does Dr. Oz also think Photoshop is better than a facelift?
And age is supposed to show, dammit.
And the woman on the right does not look 40.
And the woman on the left is gorgeous. 

First thought: There are millions of women out there who wish
to all gods there were secrets in order to repel men.
Next thought: If a guy is so easily repelled by whatever these
three things are, then why would anyone want to be with him anyway?
Think childbirth.
Next thought: What use is a repelled man in real life?

Oh hold up.
So now Barbie getting older is a female behavior?
No wonder they used to call us hysterical.

See you on the other side.


Gina Rosati said...

Thanks for starting my day off right. Congrats and corgi pups to The Queen and Gerald on much bling and many stars!

Unknown said...

I have seen those slippers in person and I'm here to tell one, NO ONE, dare vex you when you are wearing those bad boys.

Anonymous said...
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