Sunday, December 8, 2013

Everything in one blog with pictures

It is impossible to tell you everything in one blog. Everything is a lot of thing. 
And I am short on time.
So this will be a blog-in-captions.

School window, Portland, OR. 

If you remember last year, then you know about the birthday glasses.
I was home for the kid's birthday and it means a lot to be home for the kid's birthday.

My other kids looking very pretty at NCTE thanks to the Little, Brown team.

Secrets revealed: REALITY BOY was named a:
School Library Journal Best Book of 2013
Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013
Which is really awesome and I ate tacos and you should eat tacos, too.

So, I take the picture on the left at a random library. But then, after that event, we go to a restaurant and I see one of the staff coming out of the bathroom as I'm going in and when I get there, the paper towels he threw into the toilet are still floating and haven't fully gone under yet. 

Yes I took a picture of a toilet. 

But after all these signs I post from bathrooms, we ask, "Who would throw paper towels in a toilet?" and then I got to actually see a paper-towel-in-the-toilet-person. There was a trash can an arm's reach in the other direction. It wasn't full. Something makes paper-towel-in-the-toilet-people throw the towels into the toilet and not the trash can. 
I need more information about people like this. Help me understand them. 


NCTE is a very awesome conference and the ALAN workshop is one of my favorite places on Earth to be. So many dedicated teachers and professors and literacy advocates and authors in one place, I can't list them all. This year, in Boston. I post pictures on Twitter and stuff, so these are outtakes. 

Laurie Halse Anderson probably doesn't know that meeting her in Bethlehem on a snowy night years ago
inspired me to do what I do and keep doing it. I am forever grateful. 

Word Up!
From talking back to the common core on a panel of educators I admire to getting a few minutes to talk to the membership and tell them how much I appreciate their support and the Walden Award's positive approach to life for adolescent readers, ALAN was a great time.

This is Ken Dietz's Face Your Shit Flowchart in the Turkish translation.
Huge thanks to Michelle and Kelly at Knopf for this.
I can't wait to see what the Korean version looks like. 

I ask anyone to explain to me how wearing a pad could ever be radiant.
Or infinitely radiant.
I should hope not. 

In mall in Boston.
We have three choices.
I choose bacon. 

The amazing Paul Hankins wearing a wonderful Amelia Walden Award t-shirt at ALAN.

This is an apple pie I baked. Happy Thanksgiving.
I talked to about what book I'm thankful for.
Also, on Thanksgiving, this fantastic article appeared in School Library Journal about my love of community read projects and other cool stuff. 

And now I go finish the 2015 book.
I have about 30,000 words to write in a month.
Then Vermont College January residency.
Then back to the desk until there's a sniff of spring.
I hope the winter is good to you!

Bonus end-of-blog video. The first of many Answer-your-question videos for students who send me letters with questions.


Anonymous said...

1) that pie looks rockin'!
2) those socks make me feel all sorts of uncomfortable
3) re: the toilet pics: welcome to most schools?
4) re: NCTE: I am trying to 'convince' my principal to let me go because of all the learning opportunities ánd make him pay for entrance fees at the same time... long shot.
5) that video ==> you = awesome!

A.S. King said...

Ha! Schools. Yes. Well of course in schools people throw things in toilets. They don't even post signs like that is schools anymore that I can see. It's the adults I'm talking about. WHY? WHY?

The pie was good.
NCTE is such a fantastic conference. If you do come, make SURE you stay the extra two days for the ALAN Workshop. You would love it so much, cat-lady.

Anonymous said...

We do have a budget for extra teacher's training at school, so technically something like NCTE would totally be covered by that budget (the entrance fees at least, flight & accommomdation would be all me)... I guess the big one will be: will I be allowed to miss a week of school (because I'd definitely lose like 2 days flying and stuff)at the end of November, when we always have exams starting early December ...
I have a few months to work on the best strategy, I guess.

I'd totally do ALAN as well. In fact, when I registered for an account a while back, they actually had to verify whether I wasn't some spammer...because of the fact that I had "a foreign address".

Joanne R. Fritz said...

Amy, I don't know anyone else who could put together a blog post that includes pie, infinity pads, bacon socks, paper towels in the toilet, and advice to young writers to write what's in your heart. That's awesome! Go write those 30,000 words in a month. I know you can do it.