Friday, November 8, 2013

One secret revealed, with a bonus.


Last night was a fantastic time at Children's Book World. I even got to see a friend from childhood who I hadn't seen in 25 years--and a surprise visit from one of my oldest friends. Thanks to all who came out to see me and to CBW for throwing a lovely signing, as usual.


This post has to be really short because Mr. King is bringing me Dunkin' Donuts breakfast after a late night of work and a late wake-up.

I told you I had secrets.
The first one showed up today.

REALITY BOY is on the Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2013. 

And a bonus! 
A star for Gerald in Shelf Awareness.

Also, Facebook is so funny.
It keeps telling me that my profile is incomplete. 
And this is why. 
Ha ha ha Facebook.

Facebook also seems to think I live in Omaha. 
Every day it asks me: Do you live in Omaha?
I never answer it.
Never trust questions like that from strangers. 

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Joanne R. Fritz said...

Ha! Yeah, facebook's not smart enough to know you don't watch TV! Just close the window. That's what I do when facebook keeps putting that annoying "complete your profile" window up there.

CONGRATS on the Best Books of 2013! I saw that list yesterday. And the starred review in Shelf Awareness. Both honors are well deserved. REALITY BOY blew me away. Keep writing these mind-blowing books!