Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's SNAFU & a way to see that Live at the Lounge event if you missed it.

We updated to the new iPhone iOS this weekend. My phones are all thanks to my awesome sister who donated hers to us when she upgraded. Love that and love her and I admit, I do love my iPhone. I travel a lot. The thing is a lifesaver sometimes. I'm not a big texter, but I use it when I feel like it.

My daughter has an iPad for school and she updated ages ago. Like, the day it came out. She said the new iOS was awesome. We decided to go for it.

Today I text my husband Topher with random news. I do this sometimes because he's at school and I'm at work and this is the stuff I'd forget to tell him by the time he comes home. Plus, it keeps him updated because I am alone in a room all day and who else cares? So I picked up the phone and you know, clicked on the message app and then texted him like every other time I do this.

And this is what happened.

I really thought the "Korea is a country in Asia" joke was hilarious at the time.
I mean, Topher knows all the countries, you know?
Ha ha.
You should also know that God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is my favorite book
and Eliot Rosewater, the main character in the book, is my literary crush.
(And if you know the book, you are now questioning my sanity but hey, whatever.)
I am telling him this news because of the name, which he will be
geeeeeked about. Just like I am. 
Message to the lovely people in Indiana who honored me by putting my book on this list:
This is a huge deal for me, so when I say "Who cares what it is?" I am not, in any way,
putting down this award, your list, your organization and the hard work it took to compile
a list.
I mean to say
 to my husband of 22+ years, "DUDE. IT SAYS ELIOT ROSEWATER. THIS IS SO BOSS I CRIED."
I admit I love Eliot Rosewater so much that I don't care if
I just got on the Eliot Rosewater Lack of Personal Hygiene Award List, I'd be FREAKING OUT.
Eliot Rosewater, dude.

I was so confused by how Topher suddenly didn't
know a character that we both admire for over 20 years.
Just so confused. So I came out with "wtf? are you high?" because I think he's playfully
getting me back for the Korea joke. (OBVIOUSLY not because I think
he's actually high because that's dumb and out of context.
It's an expression.)
And then...
Okay then.


So there was that, then.
Literary iPhone screenshots FTW. 
I win nerd for the day. 

I'm putting this next part in ALL CAPS because I mean it to be loud and screamy.


If you missed it, you can go here to see the recording. 

Spaceship video phones. (Some of them fit in my pocket.)
This is heaven.

More soon. See my last blog for upcoming tour dates.


Unknown said...

I had the same problem happen TODAY with my iPhones and my family. I texted a video to my husband (only of sea lions). It said my husband's name at the top of the string of texts, but it went to my son who texted back, "Mom, I am in class..." Luckily he said he was in music class and he didn't get in trouble. I can't figure it out totally, but what I do know is that the texts say they are going to my husband's text via his email, and when the texts actually get to my husband it is via his cell number.. mysterious and new problem. I tried deleting the account but it wont go away.

A.S. King said...


My issue was easy enough to solve because I just turned off iMessage on the kid's iPad. It was never on, and now all seems to work well. However, I have no idea how we would have solved it if it was another phone that should allow iMessage.
I even tested it by sending to his phone number, and it still went to her iPad.
I wish you luck.