Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mostly pictures of the last three weeks. Tour. Life. Cupcakes.

I promised you a picture blog.
I delver you a picture and link blog because it happened that way.
Here is the last 3 weeks in pictures & captions.


I started in Portland. Two schools and the Oregon Association of School Librarians conference,
which ROCKED. I didn't get many pictures of actual events. But when do I, right?

NEWS: Somewhere in here, REALITY BOY got picked as an 
Amazon Best Book of the Month. 

I am pretty sure this is Mt. Hood. I never saw it when landing in Portland before because Portland is
you know, foggy and rainy and stuff. So yay. 

Jupiter Hotel. Pretty awesome, really.

This picture is for E.E. Charleton-Trujillo. She will know why.
Also, this and the next picture is my only proof of being at Grant HS. 

Love your signs, Grant. Much love, Amy.

Blackboard paint on the back of the hotel doors at the Jupiter.
Not sure why I chose this image, but I did.

Rochester Greater Teen Read

You know this is bullshit. Nothing smells like rainkissed leaves. 

Librarian's trunk: Jumper cables and EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. 

One of many AWESOME Brighton HS visits!

Loved stopping by Rush Henrietta to make my impression in ink on their pole
and see the stunning display for Teen Read Week/ GRTR.

On the wall in the office of Hillside School in Rochester.

St. Louis for the LESS THAN THREE Conference

Read this a few times.
Tell me what's wrong here. 

The Less Than Three conference was a fantastic success.
Heather Brewer should be hella proud.

Book ink! Random Passenger with boss PASSENGERS ink!

Group Less Than Three author shot!


Monday: Pennsylvania Library Association Conference Road Trip

Look at you.
You're, like, fifteen.

Photo cred: Beth Kephart
At PaLA on Monday 10/21 accepting the Carolyn W. Field Award.
Thank you PaLA!

Launch Day/NYC/New School/Long Island

On Tuesday, launch day, I hung out the Little, Brown crib.
And I got to eat ice cream, like Gerald does.
I got no pictures of the New School event, but what do you expect at this point? I gave you Mt. Hood from an airplane, so you should be happy.

Blog tour stop:

Photo cred: Kristina @ LBYR publicity
What a fantastic school visit!

Islip High School in Long Island gave me
the warmest welcome ever on Wednesday.
The place was covered in A.S. King Book quotes. 

See previous caption.
Also, they gave me a gorgeous meatball sandwich. 

Thursday morning--woken up early in NYC to catch the sunrise.
Almost missed train home.


And I found out that REALITY BOY is an Indiebound Winter Indie Next Pick as well as an ABC's 2013 Best Books for Children catalog pick (Teens). GO INDIES!

REALITY BOY Launch party at Aaron's Books in Lititz, PA 10/24/13.

Aaron's Books is the coolest indie in the coolest
small town in America. 

Photo cred: Beth
Highlight: Seeing boss friends who pose for annual book launch pictures
because their support is limitless! 

Highlight: The other signers of this ebook reader are:
Markus Zusak, John Green, Neil Gaiman, Rainbow Rowell, Elizabeth Wein.

Dear Sam and Todd of Aaron's Books, Thank you so much for your support
from the very first book. Thank you for every book you handsell. For every reader
you convince. And thank you for the cupcakes.
And for finding cool books for my kids.
And for the great recommendations.
And for the lovely gift of a first edition To Kill A Mockingbird.
You are awesome.
And I'll see you later this week.
Love, Amy


Tuesday: Live at the Lounge
Screw geography! 
You can see me/ask me stuff from anywhere in the world at 7pm EDT on Tuesday.

Thursday 11/7/13: Children's Book World, Haverford, PA 7PM
Friday 11/8/13: Clinton Book Shop, Clinton, NJ 7PM
Saturday 11/9/13: Lititz KidLit Festival, Lititz, PA ALL DAY

AASL Conference 11/15
NCTE/ALAN Conference 11/21-11/25


Brynne said...

Woo hoo! My nook is now famous!

DeenaML said...

Omg reading this post makes me TIRED, but my trunk is so happy it made the blog! <3 Sounds like an amazing whirlwind time!!!

Lindsay said...

Hiya, Amy! This is the chica you met with the airplane tattoo. Thanks for stopping by StL and helping to make <3 the bossness that is was. Happy continued travels! xox

Anonymous said...

Rays kissing made it. LOVE YOU.


Unknown said...

Love the small world factor! My mom graduated from Brighton High School in Rochester, and currently lives right next to Rush-Henrietta! Can't wait to read the new book. Congrats on all the way-cool stuff finally coming your way! It's nice to see you get the acclaim I've known you deserve since reading your first book!