Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Gerald. Here's the music in your DNA.

Today is Reality Boy's birthday. Find it at all fine retailers. (And if you don't find it there, tell them they are not fine enough and then order it from them.)

I have so much to share about my travels from the last few weeks, but I am on a train now, heading to NYC for a few days until the launch party on Thursday night. Then I will sleep for a million years. Then, I will share a picture blog from  Portland to Rochester, to St. Louis. 

I've been so busy the last few weeks I haven't really thought about release day. But on my way to the train station this morning, I listened to Gerald's Playlist and I got this proud feeling. It's a good feeling. These songs helped me write the book, so they are essentially Gerald's DNA. So I figured I'd share. 

  1. Rage Against the Machine "Bullet in the Head"
  2. Jane's Addiction "Ted, Just Admit It..."
  3. Jane's Addiction "Ocean Size"
  4. Pearl Jam "Rearviewmirror"
  5. Adam and the Ants "Kings of the Wild Frontier"
  6. The Pretenders "Waste Not Want Not"
  7. Elvis Costello "I'm Not Angry"
  8. Eminem "Way I Am"
  9. Jimi Hendrix "Belly Button Window"
  10. Jimi Hendrix "If 6 Was 9"
  11. Aretha Franklin "Eleanor Rigby"
  12. OKGo "Television, Television"
  13. Nirvana "Stay Away"
  14. Fishbone "Subliminal Fascism"
  15. Portishead "Wandering Star"
  16. Public Enemy "Night of the Living Bassheads"
  17. Radiohead "Paranoid Android"
  18. The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter"
  19. Tricky "Hell Is Around the Corner"

I want to thank every single one of you who has helped me spread the word about Reality Boy up until this day, especially Amy Del Rosso, all bloggers who reviewed or offered the Red Carpet event, all bloggers involved in this week's blog tour, and all bloggers who were kind enough to review the book or recommend it, all authors who blurbed the book, and pretty much anyone who has said, "I can't wait to read A.S. King's new book." You all rock.

Go Gerald, go.


Shari Green said...

Happy book birthday to you! And to Gerald! Heading out to my tiny indie bookstore (which is a very fine retailer) to pick up my copy. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Have a great launch party on Thursday! Can't wait to get my book(s) in the mail!

Matthew MacNish said...

Ermahgerd! You have the best taste in music. Er, I mean ... Gerald does.

Adrienne Gillespie said...

Happy birthday! I read Reality Boy in one day, because I couldn't put it down. It got me thinking about some of the ids I teach and whether or not I listen to what they are trying to tell me. And I'm working on my list of demands!

Joe Lunievicz said...

Adam and the Ants! I love them. Picking up Reality Boy this week from my favorite indie, Books of Wonder.