Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's SNAFU & a way to see that Live at the Lounge event if you missed it.

We updated to the new iPhone iOS this weekend. My phones are all thanks to my awesome sister who donated hers to us when she upgraded. Love that and love her and I admit, I do love my iPhone. I travel a lot. The thing is a lifesaver sometimes. I'm not a big texter, but I use it when I feel like it.

My daughter has an iPad for school and she updated ages ago. Like, the day it came out. She said the new iOS was awesome. We decided to go for it.

Today I text my husband Topher with random news. I do this sometimes because he's at school and I'm at work and this is the stuff I'd forget to tell him by the time he comes home. Plus, it keeps him updated because I am alone in a room all day and who else cares? So I picked up the phone and you know, clicked on the message app and then texted him like every other time I do this.

And this is what happened.

I really thought the "Korea is a country in Asia" joke was hilarious at the time.
I mean, Topher knows all the countries, you know?
Ha ha.
You should also know that God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is my favorite book
and Eliot Rosewater, the main character in the book, is my literary crush.
(And if you know the book, you are now questioning my sanity but hey, whatever.)
I am telling him this news because of the name, which he will be
geeeeeked about. Just like I am. 
Message to the lovely people in Indiana who honored me by putting my book on this list:
This is a huge deal for me, so when I say "Who cares what it is?" I am not, in any way,
putting down this award, your list, your organization and the hard work it took to compile
a list.
I mean to say
 to my husband of 22+ years, "DUDE. IT SAYS ELIOT ROSEWATER. THIS IS SO BOSS I CRIED."
I admit I love Eliot Rosewater so much that I don't care if
I just got on the Eliot Rosewater Lack of Personal Hygiene Award List, I'd be FREAKING OUT.
Eliot Rosewater, dude.

I was so confused by how Topher suddenly didn't
know a character that we both admire for over 20 years.
Just so confused. So I came out with "wtf? are you high?" because I think he's playfully
getting me back for the Korea joke. (OBVIOUSLY not because I think
he's actually high because that's dumb and out of context.
It's an expression.)
And then...
Okay then.


So there was that, then.
Literary iPhone screenshots FTW. 
I win nerd for the day. 

I'm putting this next part in ALL CAPS because I mean it to be loud and screamy.


If you missed it, you can go here to see the recording. 

Spaceship video phones. (Some of them fit in my pocket.)
This is heaven.

More soon. See my last blog for upcoming tour dates.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mostly pictures of the last three weeks. Tour. Life. Cupcakes.

I promised you a picture blog.
I delver you a picture and link blog because it happened that way.
Here is the last 3 weeks in pictures & captions.


I started in Portland. Two schools and the Oregon Association of School Librarians conference,
which ROCKED. I didn't get many pictures of actual events. But when do I, right?

NEWS: Somewhere in here, REALITY BOY got picked as an 
Amazon Best Book of the Month. 

I am pretty sure this is Mt. Hood. I never saw it when landing in Portland before because Portland is
you know, foggy and rainy and stuff. So yay. 

Jupiter Hotel. Pretty awesome, really.

This picture is for E.E. Charleton-Trujillo. She will know why.
Also, this and the next picture is my only proof of being at Grant HS. 

Love your signs, Grant. Much love, Amy.

Blackboard paint on the back of the hotel doors at the Jupiter.
Not sure why I chose this image, but I did.

Rochester Greater Teen Read

You know this is bullshit. Nothing smells like rainkissed leaves. 

Librarian's trunk: Jumper cables and EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. 

One of many AWESOME Brighton HS visits!

Loved stopping by Rush Henrietta to make my impression in ink on their pole
and see the stunning display for Teen Read Week/ GRTR.

On the wall in the office of Hillside School in Rochester.

St. Louis for the LESS THAN THREE Conference

Read this a few times.
Tell me what's wrong here. 

The Less Than Three conference was a fantastic success.
Heather Brewer should be hella proud.

Book ink! Random Passenger with boss PASSENGERS ink!

Group Less Than Three author shot!


Monday: Pennsylvania Library Association Conference Road Trip

Look at you.
You're, like, fifteen.

Photo cred: Beth Kephart
At PaLA on Monday 10/21 accepting the Carolyn W. Field Award.
Thank you PaLA!

Launch Day/NYC/New School/Long Island

On Tuesday, launch day, I hung out the Little, Brown crib.
And I got to eat ice cream, like Gerald does.
I got no pictures of the New School event, but what do you expect at this point? I gave you Mt. Hood from an airplane, so you should be happy.

Blog tour stop:

Photo cred: Kristina @ LBYR publicity
What a fantastic school visit!

Islip High School in Long Island gave me
the warmest welcome ever on Wednesday.
The place was covered in A.S. King Book quotes. 

See previous caption.
Also, they gave me a gorgeous meatball sandwich. 

Thursday morning--woken up early in NYC to catch the sunrise.
Almost missed train home.


And I found out that REALITY BOY is an Indiebound Winter Indie Next Pick as well as an ABC's 2013 Best Books for Children catalog pick (Teens). GO INDIES!

REALITY BOY Launch party at Aaron's Books in Lititz, PA 10/24/13.

Aaron's Books is the coolest indie in the coolest
small town in America. 

Photo cred: Beth
Highlight: Seeing boss friends who pose for annual book launch pictures
because their support is limitless! 

Highlight: The other signers of this ebook reader are:
Markus Zusak, John Green, Neil Gaiman, Rainbow Rowell, Elizabeth Wein.

Dear Sam and Todd of Aaron's Books, Thank you so much for your support
from the very first book. Thank you for every book you handsell. For every reader
you convince. And thank you for the cupcakes.
And for finding cool books for my kids.
And for the great recommendations.
And for the lovely gift of a first edition To Kill A Mockingbird.
You are awesome.
And I'll see you later this week.
Love, Amy


Tuesday: Live at the Lounge
Screw geography! 
You can see me/ask me stuff from anywhere in the world at 7pm EDT on Tuesday.

Thursday 11/7/13: Children's Book World, Haverford, PA 7PM
Friday 11/8/13: Clinton Book Shop, Clinton, NJ 7PM
Saturday 11/9/13: Lititz KidLit Festival, Lititz, PA ALL DAY

AASL Conference 11/15
NCTE/ALAN Conference 11/21-11/25

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Gerald. Here's the music in your DNA.

Today is Reality Boy's birthday. Find it at all fine retailers. (And if you don't find it there, tell them they are not fine enough and then order it from them.)

I have so much to share about my travels from the last few weeks, but I am on a train now, heading to NYC for a few days until the launch party on Thursday night. Then I will sleep for a million years. Then, I will share a picture blog from  Portland to Rochester, to St. Louis. 

I've been so busy the last few weeks I haven't really thought about release day. But on my way to the train station this morning, I listened to Gerald's Playlist and I got this proud feeling. It's a good feeling. These songs helped me write the book, so they are essentially Gerald's DNA. So I figured I'd share. 

  1. Rage Against the Machine "Bullet in the Head"
  2. Jane's Addiction "Ted, Just Admit It..."
  3. Jane's Addiction "Ocean Size"
  4. Pearl Jam "Rearviewmirror"
  5. Adam and the Ants "Kings of the Wild Frontier"
  6. The Pretenders "Waste Not Want Not"
  7. Elvis Costello "I'm Not Angry"
  8. Eminem "Way I Am"
  9. Jimi Hendrix "Belly Button Window"
  10. Jimi Hendrix "If 6 Was 9"
  11. Aretha Franklin "Eleanor Rigby"
  12. OKGo "Television, Television"
  13. Nirvana "Stay Away"
  14. Fishbone "Subliminal Fascism"
  15. Portishead "Wandering Star"
  16. Public Enemy "Night of the Living Bassheads"
  17. Radiohead "Paranoid Android"
  18. The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter"
  19. Tricky "Hell Is Around the Corner"

I want to thank every single one of you who has helped me spread the word about Reality Boy up until this day, especially Amy Del Rosso, all bloggers who reviewed or offered the Red Carpet event, all bloggers involved in this week's blog tour, and all bloggers who were kind enough to review the book or recommend it, all authors who blurbed the book, and pretty much anyone who has said, "I can't wait to read A.S. King's new book." You all rock.

Go Gerald, go.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rochester hotel fires and pirates, arrrr

No caption needed.
 I'm in Rochester!
Check my tour schedule for what I'm doing here. I'm still trying to wake up properly from the fire alarm that went off at 8am in the hotel.
There was no fire.
But we all had to get up and go outside anyway.

When I was about 24, Mr. King and I lived on the 13th floor in a now-flattened apartment building in Center City Philly called the Bellrich. This building was famous for false fire alarms. It was home to many college students who would sometimes pull the alarms for fun, in drunkenness, or if their favorite sports team won, etc. etc. Swell times. 
We lived there for a year and I'd say we lived through, oh...maybe 40 fire alarms or so? Those were when we were home. I have no idea how many we may have missed while at work. But once it happened the first time, it was simple. You sniffed the air in the hallways. You opened your window and talked to the people above and below you to find out if there was really a fire, and then you went back to sleep. I kid you not. We could sleep right through that alarm. 

A hotel fire alarm is an entirely different thing. It is like a Clockwork Orange-type torture device alarm inside your head that you can't get away from. I'm surprised more people don't die in a year from hotel fire alarm related heart attacks. I'm writing this two hours later and I'm still edgy. 

Anyway, just like at the Bellrich, I sniffed the air and asked my neighbors, who, I might add, had time to pack all of their things and evacuate with packed suitcases while I grabbed the three most important things: computer, personalized copy of The Satanic Verses that Awesome Librarian Paige gifted me out in Portland, and my purse. Stuck on my boots and my leather, and headed out the door just to get away form the infernal sound.

Turns out, the alarm went off because someone on the 3rd floor took a shower without using the fan. 
A. I want to know why this set off a fire alarm. I do this sometimes because it's nice to have steam.
B. I want to know if this is something they know about, then why don't they fix the alarm?
C. I really just wanted to go back to bed because I had to get up at 4am yesterday to fly here and I felt sorry for myself.

And then I read that a friend of mine of Facebook got a robocall at 6:30 this morning and I decided I was the luckier one. Good sweet gods, I have a message for politicians:
Dear politicians who use robocalls,
If you call my house at 6:30 AM on a Sunday, I will not vote for you EVEN IF YOU WERE THE PERSON I WAS GOING TO VOTE FOR. Wanker.
Love, Amy

Me and Deena reflected in Pittsford B&N's
Last night was lovely at B&N Pittsford. Today is Greece Library. The week is a whirlwind of schools and libraries after that!

And I promise a picture-heavy blog or two when I get back. I have some great airplane shots and a shot of my nightstand in Portland that you may find fun. 


I had a fantastic back and forth with a sweet reader yesterday who loved a book of mine and admitted to me that he/she had downloaded it for free...but promised when "grown up" he/she would buy copies and donate them to their library.

I thought that was nice.
Except for the stealing from me part.

I want to share a particular line from our conversation with you because I think it's important. (Please, readers, use the brains here. Context is everything.)
ME: I have to have two other jobs as well as being an author so it's always a little sad knowing that people are stealing the books when I work hard to feed my kids and I work all the time so I can barely see them...   
READER: The sad part is I NEVER ever thought...I was thinking of people like GRR Martin who just don't care about getting pirated. I'm stealing from you AND I don't even have much difficulties as you. That made me feel so bad.
This sweet reader has changed his/her mind about downloading books, it seems, and I am so happy for that.

I used to care more about people stealing from me. 
I had to stop caring.
But back when I cared, I always wondered how many of the people who stole from me were younger people who had more money than I do as an adult working as much as I do to feed my family.

I heard someone from that younger generation complain on Tumblr the other day about her generation being called entitled all the time. I know this Tumblr person and I know she downloads books for free. 

News flash: If you steal from hard working people because you want stuff you can't afford, then you are entitled. 

The only person who can change that is: you.

If that piracy talk made you feel mad, just squeeze this guy.
That's what he's here for.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Here we go

I'm off on another adventure tomorrow morning. I won't be back home for a while.
But you will find me here posting links to blog tour interviews and other things like that! 14 days until REALITY BOY. Woot.

Don't forget to check out my Tour Page to see if I'm anywhere near you in the coming months. If I'm not, maybe you can convince your librarian to arrange a Skype with me into your classroom, book club, or library!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I have to share this review BUT there's other stuff too.

There is something about a review that says, "...examining the dehumanization wrought by reality television on its “stars” and on its viewers..." that makes me scream "SWEET MOTHER OF ALL SQUID! SOMEBODY GETS ME!"

This happened to me yesterday when I laid eyes on this, from The Horn Book Magazine's review of Reality Boy.

Reality Boy by A. S. King

When Gerald was five, TV’s Network Nanny (complete with British accent and the “naughty chair”) came to his house, along with camera crews, to help solve his behavior problems—apparently he screamed a lot and punched walls. Now nearly seventeen, Gerald bears the emotional scars of having his deeply dysfunctional childhood nationally televised—and worse, edited to make him seem like the troubled one in the family. He became known as “the Crapper” for defecating on tables and in closets, but we soon learn the reason for his behavior: his oldest sister Tasha, obviously a psychopath, had been trying, early and often, to kill him and their sister Lisi. When Gerald meets Hannah, he discovers he’s not the only one with a messed-up family, and the two teens decide to run away together. There’s less here of the magical realism for which King is known (Everybody Sees the Ants, rev. 1/12; Ask the Passengers, rev. 1/13), but fans will recognize the author’s expert skill at believably portraying a bullied, neglected, angry teen in desperate need of healing and love. As always, King’s societal critique is spot-on and scathing, this time examining the dehumanization wrought by reality television on its “stars” and on its viewers in order to feel better about themselves. Put down the remote and pick up Reality Boy—it’s a showstopper. --The Horn Book Magazine

I'm so grateful and overwhelmed with the reviews for this book.

In other news, I'm a week from being in Portland and I haven't even begun to think about packing. I think I know where my pants are. Our bedroom is the last to come together in this house, and it's presently just piles of things. Orderly piles, lest you think we're slobs, but piles all the same. Please remind me to bring my swimsuit and goggles. Rochester hotel has a pool.

I hung out with E.E. Charlton-Trujillo today for a few hours and that woman might possibly be the coolest person on Earth. Have you heard about her At Risk Summer project? 

And so was Martin Amis. I only put this in not-all-caps because we all know that without Salman Rushdie, I may have never moved from one damp room in a Dublin flat (my sitting room, where I read) to the other, damper room of my Dublin flat (my bedroom, where the typewriter was.) There was much great talk about writing. Andrew Smith, next time we tee up remind me to tell you what was said that I think you would have loved. Also, there was talk about "likable"characters which was broad and succinct and brilliant.

My appearances in Portland will be private mostly. I will be speaking at the dessert on Friday night at OASL, but outside of that, the next public appearance for me will be Rochester, NY where a stack of librarians are so awesome, I could explode. Check my tour dates if you want to check it out.

LESS THAN THREE conference is in 16 days! Again, there is a link just over there.---->

I just saw the first REALITY BOY hardcover. It's lovely. I promise.

Look at this.
Just look at it.
Just LOOK at this. 

There is a game of Ping Pong waiting for me downstairs. Since I have priorities, I have to go now.

Pip pip! Tally Ho!