Monday, September 30, 2013

You are all winners, really

I mean, no, there can't be that many winners, but if you want to read REALITY BOY you can download the first 14 chapters for free by CLICKING ON THIS LINK and choosing a platform.

First an apology. I totally should have listed winners before now. My time has been a little insane lately.

So first, winners. There are two.
*Kristen Pelfrey, with:
I would take them to my classroom, since that's where I live, and the crew could film the human beings who will save the world, read books from the Underground Library, and eat graham crackers.

*Sara of the Page Sage with:
I would promptly sit down, face the camera, and stare (one of those creepy, kind of bug-eyed stares), until the camera crew became so uncomfortable that they leave.
I need to make it clear again: you are all winners. Shar, what I wouldn't give to see your inner comedian, and BermudaOnion, I would rescue you from the bathroom. Etc. Etc.

WINNERS, I have emailed you!

Hey so I got this fantastic review.

I know at launch-ish time this stuff gets boring.

But here's a snippet from a great Shelf Awareness review of Reality Boy:

"Reality Boy showcases King's talent, telling a story that is as much about parental depression and denial as it is about teen rage. It's also about first love, celebrity, therapy and finding your own narrative despite the story your family--and sometimes the world--tells about you."—Shelf Awareness

Until next time!

Oh oh oh oh! And tomorrow I get to see Salman Rushdie. You have no idea how utterly stoked I am about this.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! And congratulations on the great review from Shelf Awareness!