Monday, September 30, 2013

You are all winners, really

I mean, no, there can't be that many winners, but if you want to read REALITY BOY you can download the first 14 chapters for free by CLICKING ON THIS LINK and choosing a platform.

First an apology. I totally should have listed winners before now. My time has been a little insane lately.

So first, winners. There are two.
*Kristen Pelfrey, with:
I would take them to my classroom, since that's where I live, and the crew could film the human beings who will save the world, read books from the Underground Library, and eat graham crackers.

*Sara of the Page Sage with:
I would promptly sit down, face the camera, and stare (one of those creepy, kind of bug-eyed stares), until the camera crew became so uncomfortable that they leave.
I need to make it clear again: you are all winners. Shar, what I wouldn't give to see your inner comedian, and BermudaOnion, I would rescue you from the bathroom. Etc. Etc.

WINNERS, I have emailed you!

Hey so I got this fantastic review.

I know at launch-ish time this stuff gets boring.

But here's a snippet from a great Shelf Awareness review of Reality Boy:

"Reality Boy showcases King's talent, telling a story that is as much about parental depression and denial as it is about teen rage. It's also about first love, celebrity, therapy and finding your own narrative despite the story your family--and sometimes the world--tells about you."—Shelf Awareness

Until next time!

Oh oh oh oh! And tomorrow I get to see Salman Rushdie. You have no idea how utterly stoked I am about this.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Chance! Win an ARC of Reality Boy!

This is a last chance sort of thing.

I have two Advance Reader Copies of Reality Boy left to give away. And you have the chance to win one of them by commenting on this blog.

Of course, it's never that easy with me, is it?
I'm going to make you work a little.

In one sentence, tell me what you would do or how you would feel if a TV crew showed up at your house and started filming you 24/7 without your permission. 

An ARC of Reality Boy, signed.

Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 11:59pm.

You can earn them by sharing this contest. Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, blog, tell your mom, your students or your friends. Let me know, after your entry, how you shared.

Please leave me your email address (you can use the (at) and (dot) format if you want. I get it.) in your reply. If you win, that's how I'll find you.

This is a moderated blog. If your entry doesn't show up right away, don't panic. I'll get it there as soon as I can!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Slap and Run

You know how it goes. Book launch is coming. Reviews start to trickle in. I start showing up here and slapping up praise because it's nice to share praise, isn't it?

I'd like to write a brilliant post right now about something helpful and awesome. But I'm mid-line edits and they are due on Wednesday. So today is a slap-and-run.

We got a fantastic review for REALITY BOY from Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books at the University of Chicago on Friday. I want to share it because it made me smile.

Reality Boy By A.S. KingOctober/ Ages 15 & Up/ $18.00ISBN: 978-0-316-22270-9 
Anger has long been the driving force in Gerald’s life, a fact that first came to prominence on national television, when he was five and his family starred in the reality show Network Nanny. His method of conveying his anger then has left him with the lifetime nickname of “the Crapper,” but his rages subsequently turned to more direct physical violence, including the savaging of a classmate’s face a few years ago. Now sixteen and the beneficiary of some reasonably successful anger management therapy, Gerald is beginning to examine the cause of that anger: a psychotic older sister who’s tried to kill him his entire life, a mother who’s so determined to exonerate her beloved daughter that she’d rather paint Gerald as a monster to the whole country, and a father who let his son be destroyed rather than stand up to his wife. Though a realistic story, this novel is also an effective psychological horror tale, a modern saga of domestic gaslighting; the most satisfying moments are those when an external observer, whether it be Network Nanny herself or an appalled long-ago viewer of the show encountering Gerald now, sees through the pretense to the real rot in the family. His anger is therefore satisfyingly, righteously justified and understandable (if uncontrolled), but King wisely takes her protagonist past that confirmation to the difficult task of building a different future. His tentative, growing relationship with a girl, Hannah (a masterfully characterized blend of independence, uncertainty, and annoyance), provides opportunity for both success and failure but in new, more functional ways, and it also gives him the strength to pull himself out of the story that’s been written for his life. The TMZ-level draw of the premise will definitely pull readers in, but they’ll find a surprising amount to relate to in this smart and sympathetic story about breaking free from the world’s expectations.

Previous Trade Reviews: -Kirkus, 9/15/13 ***STARRED*** -PW, 7/15/13 ***STARRED*** -SLJ, 10/1/13 ***STARRED***

I have slapped and now I will run.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tour Dates or Hey! This is where you can see me this fall!

In case you were concerned.

Hey! This is where you can see me this fall!

Oregon Association of School Librarians Conference
October 9-12
Portland, OR
Details TBD

Rochester Teen Read Week
October 12-17
Rochester, NY
Sunday, October 13, 2:00-3:30 pm
Greece Public Library
2 Vince Tofany Blvd.,
Rochester, NY 14612
Snacks will be provided.

 Monday, October 14, 3:00-4:30 pm
Fairport Public Library
1 Fairport Village Landing,
Fairport, NY 14450
Snacks will be provided.

 Wednesday, October 16, 3:30-5:00 pm
Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County
Kate Gleason Auditorium
115 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604
Teens can enter to win book prizes from A. S. King!
 Snacks will be provided.

Less Than Three Conference
Spencer Road Library
Saint Peters, Missouri
October 19, 2013
Click here for details.

PaLA Conference
October 21, 2013
Carolyn Field Award Luncheon

REALITY BOY Launch Party!
(You're invited)
Aaron's Books
Lititz, PA
October 24, 7pm
Registration Required

Children's Book World
Haverford, PA
November 7th, 7pm

Clinton Book Shop
Clinton, NJ
November 8th, 7pm

Lititz KidLit Festival
Nov. 9th
Linden Hall School
Lititz, PA
Details here!

AASL Conference
Hartford, CT
Nov 14-16, 2013
Details TBD

NCTE Conference
Boston, MA
Nov 22-24, 2013
Details TBD

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's Eat TACOS.

There is something kinda magical about a third star.
It means the other two mightn't have been flukes.
It means that maybe I'm good at my job.
It means maybe I'm doing something right.

Today's star brought to you by the October issue of School Library Journal.

"King’s trademarks–attuned first-person narrative, convincing dialogue, realistic language, and fitting quirkiness–connect effectively in this disturbing, yet hopeful novel. Not since Norma Fox Mazer’s disquieting When She Was Good (Scholastic, 1997) has an emotionally and mentally deranged sibling and dysfunctional parents wreaked such havoc on a main character who still manages to survive and grow beyond it."--SLJ

Tour dates tomorrow I promise! Or maybe the next day. Before Friday, okay? 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

You can RSVP for the REALITY BOY launch right here.

It's been a while and I promised you tour dates, but I still have to nail down two more dates and then I promise, I'll be back with tour dates.

But mark your calendar for October 24th at 7pm for the REALITY BOY launch party at Aaron's Books. You can pre-order and RSVP on their site right here.

For today, I wanted to share this one thing with you.

Fact: I am not smiling in my FB profile picture, creepy guy.

Also, the overuse of question marks and exclamation points is dangerous. Didn't you know the gods only give us so many of those, and then we can't ask or exclaim anymore? Seriously. Be careful.