Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank you TLA! (Also: MICHIGAN, I am coming for you.)

This is the quickest blog post ever. I am giving myself 10 minutes to write it. That means if you're looking for deep and interesting thoughts, this is probably not the blog you're looking for.

But hey, isn't it deep and interesting to say TEXAN LIBRARIANS ROCK? I think it is. And going to Fort Worth to see them was awesome and I loved every minute. So, thank you TLA, for having me.

I have had a week off to try to catch up with life, but it was my favorite week of the year...Vagina Monologues week! I'd usually write something about why I do it, how V-Day helps, how the organization has raised nearly 100 MILLION DOLLARS to help women and girls who have been raped and sexually abused. Instead, I'll send you to the last piece I wrote about in case you're interested. The Book Lady Rocks for asking me to write this.

Also, you can check out the blog about my two BFFs, which talks about how I got involved with the Monologues. It's here and there are pictures of me as a teen, including a prom pic, so you might want to click. 

I will be in Ann Arbor this Friday night at Nicola's Books at 7pm. 
Come out and see me. We will have fun. 

And then on Saturday, I'll be at the 
Ann Arbor District Library
343 South Fifth Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Pictures now!

The trippiest hotel carpet yet. 3D baby. 

Courtney & Karin, my favorite OK PhDs. :) The water bottle represents
our missing comrade, Mark, who I will see later this year.
A great signing of REALITY BOY ARCs at TLA. Woot. 
TLA teen giveaway night. Photo cred: Andrew Smith

The night before the Vagina Monologues.
Working on programs long after midnight.
I am only posting this picture so you can see my boots.
I am boot obsessed.
I know this. You should too.
These are my 1997 Amsterdam boots.
They have metal heels.
I love them.
They make me 6 feet tall.
Photo cred: Tina Buchter. xo
She doesn't look 27. She looks jewel-encrusted.
And ridiculous.
I have no idea why I didn't click on this. I totally should
have clicked on this. I want to know what those 37 things are.
I welcome all guesses in the comment section.

In two weeks, I'll be the keynote speaker for the Backspace Conference in NYC. After that, I am DONE traveling for a while, have a revision due, a book to write, and a house to move. When I am feeling more sure about it all happening, I will post my OMGTREDAWT (OMG that real estate deal actually went though) post. Until then, send good vibes to the real estate/mortgage gods for me, eh?

And then after that, we'll talk about how excited I am to be starting a faculty position at Vermont College of Fine Arts during the July residency. 

But for now, we will just get to the OMGTREDWT part and breathe. 


The Kranky Crow said...

Bratwurst. You've GOT to grab the bratwurst--that's like at least #3 on the list of 37 (preceded only by toilet paper and coffee). Can you IMAGINE a zombie apocalypse without it?! I shiver to think.

Seriously, though, another pair of kick ass boots. Oodles of good luck aimed at you on the real estate endeavor. It probably wouldn't hurt to offer the gods one of those bratwursts. ;)

The Kranky Crow said...

...and by the way, you have awesome best friends and sense of real friendship (as evidenced in the Janet Gurtler blog), and you are an awesome friend to the global community of women with the work you do with the Vagina Monologues. May you always be fierce.

(very hot, smiley-faced prom dates, btw ;) .)

Janet Gurtler said...

Those boots rock hard.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this!? I live in Ann Arbor and never got to see you. Please come visit us again! Since I missed you, let me say are a super talented and fantastic writer! I have enjoyed all your books. I especially loved Vera and Everybody Sees the Ants.