Monday, April 1, 2013

NYC Author Carnival in Pictures, Kinda

I know I'm on a blog break, but I hit 23,000 words on the new book last night, so I am giving myself a half hour to post a few pictures from NYC Author Carnival before they become completely irrelevant.

It was a fantastic time and I have to thank David Levithan, the world's most fantastic human, for making sure I got there this year. Coaxing a hermit is not the easiest task. David, you can now add 'hermit coaxer' to your long list of talents.

Random Pictures from NYC:

This is the amazing Deirdre Jones from
Little, Brown and her cool shirt at the NYPL on Saturday.
You know, you can buy one of these shirts.
Just look over to the right at the first link that says
buy cool SHIrTs.
The panel at NYPL was fantastic and someone has a picture of it...
oh look. It's here.

We call this: I'm looking at you, NYPL.

While this may seem like a typical snapshot of a subway sign,
what it really is, is: a scene from the book I'm writing right now. 

I would like to thank whoever wrote this on the trashcan in the
bathroom at McNally Jackson Bookstore.
I was struggling with a name for a character and I now have one.

The reading at McNally Jackson on Saturday was awesome. I got to hang out with
and read with Sharon Cameron, Michael Northrop, Diana Peterfreund,
Victoria Schwab, Nova Ren Suma and David, too, of course.
Then we went out to dinner and I ate eggplant and
I didn't call it aubergine even though I really wanted to.
My apologies to those awesome participants in this photograph who look like demons.
I tried so hard to get rid of that red eye, but even my
fancy photography degree didn't work.
I figure it's more badass to say I went out to dinner
with people who are partial demons.
I am not afraid of you.  
I want this sign.
I want it 12 feet from my head at all times.

This picture brought to you by The Joys of House Hunting:

I thought it was spooky, so I shared.

That's me. Thank you to all of you who came out to see us in NYC and to those who came to Books of Wonder for the awesome Sunday signing, wow! You all rock. Thanks for making that trip.

I'll be back before I go to LA to say some more stuff if I have stuff to say.
But mostly, I'll be writing.

I do have a soup recipe to share. I also want to talk to you about business suits and if authors ever wear them.
Also, I want to talk about racism and I will have to talk about V-Day, rape, and the Vagina Monologues because ours are happening the first weekend of May and it's been a while and I have a lot to say about that these days. For now, here's a great article I read about it. 

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