Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Poem

Mr. King and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Never did. I've got 26 years of practice not caring one bit about February 14th (outside of V-Day, of course.) (Which reminds me: Are you rising today? I am.)
It's not that we're not romantic. Anyone who knows the story of our beginning knows we're saps through and through. But we're also non-consumerists and Valentine's Day just gives us the willies, you know?
But anyway.
There is one thing I've noticed about these holidays and it makes me sad.
Otherwise-happy couples sometimes have spats because they expected more or they wanted something different or they realize that the magic is a little less shiny than it once was, or something just messes up the whole day and it's a bummer.

This poem is for you. Try to have a nice day anyway. Life is short. Send love. It helps.

Silly Little Things

by A.S. King

The little things. Things that
block gutters. Things stuck
in the blades of hairdryers
smell of burning dust.

Silly things. One minute
throat eats stomach, scared
your hair in flames. Upon
inspection, no fire or smoke.

Each twig the robin brought
was twice his weight. Laid
in a bowl, a nest. This is
why we argue. Silly little things.

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