Thursday, January 31, 2013

Huge blog, Part One: Catching up

So I never got to the best of 2012 post and tomorrow is February, so we'll just say that 2012 rocked so much that we didn't have to recap all that awesome. While there are several reasons 2012 rocked as hard as it did, this picture illustrates one of the larger ones.

I couldn't make it to ALA midwinter in Seattle, but Astrid could
and she wore all those pretty jewels. Thank you Alvina for the picture
and to LBYR for all the support you gave this book.

Since we're on the subject of ALA Midwinter, a shout out to all the great committees who had the difficult responsibility of choosing books for lists and awards. A tough job well done. Since I don't watch sports (full disclosure: I watch World Cup soccer) or TV, this is the one time of year I can cheer and yell and say things like "F%$# YEAH!" when books like BOMB by Steve Sheinkin get named time after time.

You need to read that book right now.

I am in love with that book.

Anyway, my ALA midwinter news was lovely. Ask the Passengers was named a Top Ten pick of The Rainbow List and I found out today that it also landed on the Best Fiction for Young Adults list, which is fantastic. Thank you thank you, awesome librarians.

And while we're talking about Ask the Passengers I should also thank the fine people in Washington D.C. for naming it a Capitol Choices book for 2013. Thank you! I love that list more than a lot of things. Even hot chocolate with marshmallows. I love it more than that.


There's not really any news about Reality Boy except I've seen the cover and it's awesome and you can't see it yet.

And page proofs are done. So goodbye Reality Boy until we meet again at ARC time.

Coming in Part Two: A cover is reveled, an interview is linked (bonus picture of badass young self) and some stuff I forgot tonight that I still can't remember that I hope I will remember by the time I write Part Two. (And 2013 spring tour dates.)

PS: Friends and family, you will be waiting quite a while for 2013 New Year cards. If you don't get one, don't think we left you out. Know we left everyone out. It's not you, it's us.

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