Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Um. Yeah. Lady Gaga rocks.

Here's a link to how King and Gaga can be used in the same sentence. Or blog post title. Or whatever.

There are chances here to win stuff. Cool stuff.

Here's the deal. Lady Gaga and her Born Brave Bus is coming to St. Paul, MN on February 6th. I am coming to St. Paul on February 27th & 28th for the One Book, One City event, READ BRAVE. Residents and students in St. Paul will be reading Everybody Sees the Ants and I'll be in town for a series of awesome events to talk about the book, its themes, and its messages about family, bullying, war and a host of other things.


From the Pioneer Press article:

Lady Gaga is giving Twin Cities teens the chance to board her "Born Brave Bus" the afternoon of Feb. 6, when she will be in town to headline the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul. 
The pop star is teaming with the St. Paul Public Library for the event, "where young people will connect with one another, enjoy fun activities and learn about exceptional resources in their communities." 
Those interested are asked to read A.S. King's book "Everybody Sees the Ants," which covers topics of bullying, war and family. Then, they must create some sort of response to those themes, through a short video, song, poem or other artwork. Responses must be able to be submitted digitally and will be accepted Saturday, Jan. 19, through Feb. 1. Prizes include a VIP pass onto the bus and the opportunity for the winning entries to be shown on the bus and online.
For more details on the contest, go to sppl.org/teens/brave.



What if we all read the same book at the same time? A book that discusses important topics like bullying, war, and family? Let’s do it! Pick up Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King at your nearest library.


From now until Feb. 28, submit your quick review of Everybody Sees the Ants onTwitter with the hashtag #ReadBrave for a chance to win all of A.S. King's books!
Lady Gaga’s Born Brave Bus will be in town on February 6. Read and respond to Everybody Sees the Ants to get on board! Click here to learn more.

Public vent schedule for St. Paul Read Brave Event:

Meet A.S. King:
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 10 a.m.–12 noon
School, 700 Glendale St, 651-649-5495
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 6–7:30 p.m.
Merriam Park Library
Writing Workshop for 9-12 Graders
Thursday, February 28, 4–6 p.m.
 Street Teen Zone, 1022 Marion St, 651-558-2223 (near Rice Street Library)
Before her in-person visit, A.S. King will also be doing a Skype visit with readers:
Saturday, Feb. 16, 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Hamline Midway Library


Becky said...

Avalon started reading Everybody Sees the Ants today. My students were very engaged in the story and had great thoughts to share with each other.

A.S. King said...

Excellent news, Becky! I can't wait to come and see you all.