Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A poem for Hanna and Mareike

I promised a poem for Hanna and Mareike. This is one of my favorites, though every time I open it I revise it more. I think I wrote it around...I have no idea. Maybe 1998-ish? When I say "one of my favorites" know that I don't think my poetry is very good. Like--not at all good. But this one floats atop the vat of dung that is my poetry, and I will share only because Hanna and Mareike wrote and asked me so kindly. I love when people are kind.


I claw at myself, an inherent act.
Learned lesson of
not good enough, of uniform
failure. A lifelong rash.

They leap at me, with forks
and spoons to eat me.
Brains like black caviar
devoured by blind egg hunters.

A mere hors d’oeuvre
before the feast of my eyes.
Dig them from their deep
blue sockets, to reach the itch.

Random Linkage!

Did you see my Lady Gaga news from yesterday? I'm kinda gobsmacked by it, really.

And how cool to be included here on OUT's best book list for 2012? (David Levithan, you are a rock god.)

Random Screenshot Bonus.

Um. Look. Seriously.
I'm pretty sure there's a Jamiroquai song about this.

I don't think I'll be making good on any other blog promises for the next two weeks. I am so close to finishing Max Black and it' due soon.

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