Thursday, December 20, 2012

The last post before the 2012 best-of post

I have to title this post like that to remind myself to do a best-of-2012 post.
I'm using you now, it seems, as a memory aid.
(Funny typo story: I accidentally wrote mammory aid up there. Ha ha.) (Yes, I know that's not how you spell mammary. But still.)

I was probably supposed to write this blog post last weekend, but I was paralyzed by the same grief you were probably paralyzed by. I haven't commented much on what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School because I wasn't sure what to say.

A kindergartener lives in my house.
My family is full of teachers.
I have been a victim of gun-related crime.
Also, I lived most of my adult life in a country where guns are illegal and it made me feel hella safe. (Compared to the feeling I get when waking up to the sound of nearby semi-automatic target practice, which I did on Saturday morning.)

I will say this to anyone who produces any sort of, "If it was me, I'd have done this" reaction. Believe me. Until you're looking down the barrel of an unexpected gun, you don't know shit about what you would do. It's very convenient to [blame the victim and] say you'd have done something differently. It's also very insulting. And base. And pretty despicable in this example. And yet, when I tuned into the Internet this week, which wasn't very often, I saw a lot of that sort of shoulda/woulda/coulda talk.

Humans, man. Sometimes they just don't know when to STFU.

Anyway. I felt wrong promoting anything. I felt wrong working. (I couldn't work, truth be told. I tried, but finally gave up last night and decided not to force it.) But I reckon there's a time to start back to life again and today seems to be it.

Before I do, I urge you: make it a lifetime goal to be kind. Life is so freaktastically short. Give love. Be the change you want to see. Act up. Hug freely. Volunteer. Jump to fewer conclusions. Judge more rarely. Be positive. Look for the best in things rather than the worst. Work toward joy.

And so, here's some random linkage.

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The Ask the Passengers cover story is over at the awesome Melissa Walker's B&N blog which you can reach if you click on this link. 

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Don't miss this one. We taped "10 questions in 1 minute" with my Little, Brown BFYR peeps when I was up in NYC the other week. I took this challenge very seriously and I almost pulled it off.
Here's the link. Or click on the picture.

Where Fielding Mellish meets Peanut Butter Capn' Crunch.

In A.S. King News...

We have nothing but good things to report.
Please Don't Hate Me: Nichts ist wichtig, wenn man tot ist, also known as the German version of Please Ignore Vera Dietz, has gone into a second paperback printing. Woot.

Are you ready for a winter read from me?
I hope so.
In a few weeks, on an e-reader near you...Monica Never Shuts Up is coming your way. Twelve short stories in one sweet package.

It will be available in all e-formats. If you get a Kobo reader (which are awesome little machines) from your local independent bookstore, you can get any ebook you want for it through an independent bookstore and still support your community! I call this the badassest and bossest way to e-read.

Way way way back in the life of this blog, you may remember that my story "Monica Never Shuts Up" was nominated for Best New American Voices. It was previously published in Washington Square, the nationally-distributed literary journal from NYU. Most of the stories in the collection have been published in magazines, print journals and a few web magazines as well.

The collection is considered an adult book. Since most of my readers are 15 and up and already reading adult fiction, I'm thinking it probably won't shock people who know how I write.

If it shocks others well then, score, I say.

See you in a week or two.


The Kranky Crow said...

Just...thank you for that first part of your post. Thank you.

Congratulations on seeing the love you so deserve for your characters and for the exquisite writing you do.

Looking forward to "meeting" Monica.

Stay warm, be happy, and hug on that kindergartner. Here's to hoping that 2012 brings you more goodness.

Anonymous said...

Same back at you!