Monday, December 10, 2012

So, tomorrow I start back to work on the weird book...

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for. The day I get to dive 100% into Max Black again and fix it up all pretty for my genius editor. There is a lot of work. Hard hats will be required. Safety goggles. That kind of thing.

This means less blogging. It may even mean I play the the card. 

But who gives a shit? I have good news!


Ask the Passengers has been seen lurking on the Kirkus Best Books of 2012 list in very good company. This makes us very happy. What a good run the book has had, eh?

In other news
A HUGE thank you to the high bidder in the YA for NJ Sandy Relief auction. Your donation to the NJ Food Bank is much appreciated. You Rock.

Also: My awesome kid got her green belt.

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Unknown said...

Look! The road is rising to meet you!!!