Friday, November 23, 2012

With a cork

That's how you hold in good news.
With a cork.
Or a sock.
Or whatever keeps you from blurting out what is happening.

Publishing: when you're in it, you live in the future. I am writing this post from 2014, where MAX BLACK lives. I was writing last week from 2013, where REALITY BOY lives.

When we hear good news, it is often accompanied by a date. Like: Here's your good news. Oh by the way, you can't tell anyone until January. 


So what happens is: you celebrate with family and by the time January comes you are happily in 2015 writing a new book and it's as if nothing happened at all. Not to sound ungrateful. No no no. It's just a snag in the time-space continuum, really. It happens and it's exciting and wonderful, but you just can't celebrate it in real time with others who will be happy about it also right that very minute. Instead, you just have to stick a sock/cork/piece of leftover red velvet cake in your gob and go back to work.

My five year old enjoys the celebrations, though. We usually eat tacos. She loves tacos.

As for the work, I was glad I did that. This week finally saw the beginning of an exciting new project that you will love.

So, until I can tell you more good news (don't worry, you don't have to wait until January for all of it) check out this awesome piece of art by Bruce Nauman.


Unknown said...

I am hereby congratulating you in 2015 on your 2014 good news, because I don't like to rush into things. Oh, and by the way - your sweet 2012 10-year-old is 13 now. Good luck!

A.S. King said...

Ah, the "all teens are a pain" slant. As a YA author, i get to talk to a lot of teenagers and they love that one. :)

My good news is 2012 good news. I just cant tell anyone for a week...and then a month. But thank you! Eat tacos with us. Mmm. tacos.