Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Wrong Screenshots

Continuing with our theme of: Let's clear Amy's desktop of random screenshots.

You expect this from a diet supplement company.

But did they have to gouge out her back like that? 
Okay, no.
Just no.
This is what's wrong with the world, you guys.
We all can say it's fake and we know it, but our eyes saw
and the message went to our brains.

P.S.--Nobody has legs like this.

File this one under Dear Hotels, WTF?

This is the second weird hotel message this month.

Fact: You cannot buy naked ladies with your Hilton Honors Points.
Also, ladies: You probably don't want to wrap hotel curtains around your naked body.
Dear Hotels,
I don't stay in you for the sexytimes.
All I want to know is do you have free wifi?

Here ends the screenshot bonanza. 
NEW JERSEY: DON'T FORGET. Clinton Book Shop. Saturday, Dec 1, 7pm


Beth Kephart said...

I want you to fix all that is wrong with the world and, after that, all that is wrong with my grammar.

Because you can. :)

Matthew MacNish said...

Those first two are not even attractive. Disturbing, actually.