Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Great Squid has spoken

I just made that title up. I'm not sure it has much relevance to this blog post. I am a little cross-eyed and probably a tad insane after the last two weeks of deadline-induced late nights and middle-schooler-induced early mornings.

What it really means is: I have sent REALITY BOY copyedits in. This makes me a very happy lady.

It also means: I have a lot of crap to catch up on. I have no idea which bills are due or what. I just got a new prescription for glasses and now I have time to get get them made. (Woot! Sight!)

It also means: I get to take a little time off to see my family and read a book for pure enjoyment.
I might even take a freakin' nap some day this week.

But before all of that, I have a little work to do.
A Skype visit today.

Then TOMORROW: the rescheduled Children's Book World event at 7pm where I will be reading from Ask the Passengers, talking about stuff and SHARING A BIT OF REALITY BOY WITH THE AUDIENCE.

See how I all capped that to get the base all riled up?

Spread the word. Come see us at CBW tomorrow. Thursday. 7pm.

Children's Book World
17 Haverford Station Rd
Haverford, PA 19041
November 15, 2012

Other news: I'll be the keynote speaker at the Backspace Writer's Conference in NYC in May 2013. I am very excited by this, as Backspace is a place I credit with teaching me much of what I know about this business. Also, their motto is: Writers Helping Writers. And who couldn't get down with that?

Pre-nap Linkage
Before nap time I have to spread the joy of these three links that came to me in the last 24 hours.

First: Here is a piece I wrote for the Nerdy Book Club. It's called How Paul Zindel Saved My Life and is about how books change people with honesty. Or, at least that they did for me.

Then there's this great piece in the Reading Eagle newspaper about the Oct 25th launch party for Ask the Passengers.

And then this...I saved it for last because I am so excited by it.

A review from the site

Why am I so excited by this review? Because the reviewer speaks very clearly to those who pit people against each other during times when it might be more helpful to just drop all the labels and expectations and be freaking nice to each other.
Hell yes she does.
That right there is why I write books.
When people get it and get it well enough to write it down so poignantly and powerfully, it makes me want to skip the nap and keep writing more books.
Thank you for your support. It means a ton.

Also, if you managed to stick with me this long, here's a snippet of the VOYA review for Ask the Passengers which arrived in my inbox this week.
Main character Astrid is a model of strength and compassion, even when adversity attacks from every front.  Short passages describing thoughts of troubled passengers who receive Astrid's unconditional love reinforce the novel's message of tolerance for all. 
So now I have to go to the post office. And the bank.
The Great Squid has spoken.

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