Thursday, November 8, 2012

On being retweeted and mistreated.

I never liked the word "tweet" when it comes to Twitter. I don't much like the word "retweet" either. But I like Twitter quite a bit. I didn't think I would at first, but as social media goes, I prefer it over Facebook which is creepy and weird.

Twitter has its own kind of creepy and weird going on, I know.
But Facebook is creepier and weirder to me.

But anyway. This week I got retweeted a bunch with this post I made and I was pretty happy about that considering the tweet in question.

If you read my About Me over there ------> you will see that I don't talk politics on my blog.
I don't.
I do, however, talk about equality and the importance of talking about uncomfortable things. If you read this blog you know I am very involved in my local Vagina Monologues and V-Day organization. I have no issue talking about rape because rape is a very serious reality in our society and yet few rapists go to prison (especially the ones who rape little little children: under 5%, guys.)
We rarely talk about it.
And it's widely ignored.
There is a correlation here. We all know it.
We imprison people who smoke pot more than we imprison child rapists.
What kind of place is this?
Who made these rules?

Anyway. I think during the campaigns of 2012, rape was discussed quite a bit in the media, but usually in the what dumb thing about rape was said by which guy today? sense. Not many people seemed to talk about it seriously and openly or discuss that rape is a huge problem in our society for both women and men, adults and children.
Eve Ensler talked about it. Of course she did. Other brave women (and men) came out and talked about their experiences or opinions. But for the most part, the majority of what we heard were soundbites from candidates with often-insane ideas about rape.

  • That it is just another form of conception.
  • That it prevents pregnancy.
  • That it (and any pregnancy resulting from it) was a gift from god.
  • That it's just like having a baby out of wedlock.
  • That there are real rapes and not real rapes.
  • That some girls "rape" more easily than others.
  • That one type of rape is more legitimate than another.
  • Etc. 

So that happened.
We heard all that talk. And people voted. And not one of those insane rape idea guys won. But I reckon they were the only ones who got caught talking out loud about it. I'm sure plenty of people were elected who think these insane things.

And now the talking will stop because rape makes the media uncomfortable because it makes humans uncomfortable, and uncomfortable viewers change the channel.

We will go back into day-to-day life inside a society that calls women who have or enjoy sex "sluts" and that tells a mentally-handicapped wheelchair-bound, mute rape survivor that she "should have fought harder" right before the judge releases her rapist.

I tweeted this on election night. I don't tweet politics, either. But I do tweet about equality and uncomfortable things. I would like women to continue to value themselves while surrounded by these insane and insulting ideas about rape. I do not think caring about rape survivors is a partisan issue. I think all people care very much about this subject, but aren't sure what to do about it. The first step is talking about it. I would like to continue on a path to equality. I would like state and federal lawmakers to make and pass laws that protect victims, not their rapists. I would like to give my daughters a world where someone cares about this shit for real.

Hey! Over there ----> You can find my V-Girls badge. Join us! If there's something we can do, why aren't we doing it?

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