Thursday, October 4, 2012

Winner and Hey--are you anywhere near Collingswood, New Jersey?

First: A winner and some awesome entries...

Wow. My hamster judges had a hard time picking a winner out of all those awesome entries. Thank you so much for the enthusiasm. Hold on. That should have an exclamation point. Thank you so much for the enthusiasm!
That's better.

So, before I announce the winner, a list of favorites and a quick reply to a few of you:

  • Steve Brezenoff, you rock. You so nearly strongarmed me into giving you a free book.
  • Sara Cantor, I love your library. I so hope it all came together well. Donegal's new library embodies diversity

 is an excellent sentence. I can't wait to come down and see the new digs.
  • Beth, it's true. Oligarchy equals years of neglect

  • Christiana from Backspace: your entry made me spit out what I was drinking. I argued with the hamster judges about it coming in first place, but I couldn't explain to them what a gynecologist is.
  • Aliyah, I also can't wait to meet you in Collingswood! Woot!
  • Cass: Thank you so much for being completely kind and awesome. You rock.
  • Cindy: I am so glad I make your job easier. Thank you. You make my job easier too. xo
  • Ringo the Cat: You came in third place. I can't stop reading books was an awesome sentence.
  • Anonymous Aimee: You came in second place. Harsh, I know, but the hamsters wanted you to know they loved this sentence because it's kinda pretty much true. Everybody is just background noise. Great entry.

And the winner is:

Truth is hard; lies aren't.

Annie Moore, I've emailed you. I loved this sentence. Hamsters don't know how to lie, so they didn't quite get why I loved it so much, but I think this is why I write. They saw how passionate I was about these five words and hid in their little green and yellow fake-cave thing as I explained to them how the human world is constructed of lies and how telling the truth is often frowned upon. Then, one of them came out and ate some food. The other one did a poop. Talk about the truth, right? What's more truthful than pooping and eating?

Collingswood Book Festival is this Saturday, October 6th.

I will be there. It's in Collingswood, NJ.
I am speaking at 1pm. Come see me.
I'll sign books.
I will also juggle if anyone asks me to.
I will not tap dance.
Here's a link to the event. 

Until then, I am working on Max Black. 
And then after then, I'll be working on Max Black.
Next stop: Mifflin Library, Shillington, PA on Oct 16th at 4:30PM.


The Kranky Crow said...

I saw "Shillington, PA," and my morning eyes interpreted it as Slatington, PA. My heart went all atwitter, until I unblurred said eyes and realized that I have no clue where Shillington is...other than a place that's not here.

Great sentences and a big congrats to the winner! Wish I'd have been in a creative-enough head space to have tried, but this one scared me.

A.S. King said...

Shillington fact: John Updike grew up there.