Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream what you want to dream; it will all be over soon.

My Portland/Vancouver, WA trip was awesome last weekend.
Launch party was awesome on Thursday.
No idea what day it is here due to the hurricane but we're all alive and the generator will get us through.
I think it's Tuesday.

Anyway, here is a recap in pictures. Many thanks to other people who took pictures while I did other things.

I came to the west coast thanks to Amy Lee and the Vancouver Community Library. Here is a picture of the (*THE*) most amazing library I've ever seen. Promise me if you're anywhere near Vancouver, WA, that you will stop in and see it. 

A panorama of just one part of the amazing Vancouver Community Library.

But before I got to the VCL, I had an awesome school visit at Mountain View High School where I talked to about 100 students who'd read my essay in Dear Bully. We talked about how to be your own superhero and stuff like that.
Groovy sign at Mountain View High School, WA. 

I was asked to VCL to talk to an audience of all ages and to present awards to winners of their annual writing contest. It was a great night, and a huge thank you to VCL librarians who made me feel so welcome, and to Amy Lee, who is a brilliant district coordinator.

Just in case you didn't catch the amazing wall in Vancouver Community Library up there^.

Talking about empowerment: My favorite thing to do on a Friday night.
Photo cred: Sara Moon
The next morning, I took off for downtown Portland with my amazing niece and her equally amazing dude. We had a waffle window waffle. I experienced a VooDoo Donut. I went to Powell's. (Like a Batcave for Badass Ninjas.)

Insert most obvious caption here. 
I said I'd dip my toe in the Pacific. And so, that was what Sunday was for.

Haystack Rock.

Amazing niece. (Photo cred: Dude's eye, Amazing niece.)

I said toe. But it was cold. A phalanx is a phalanx.
(Photo cred: Amazing niece)

Monday was another awesome school visit at Grant High School in Portland. 

Boss. Sign. Dudes.

My first-ever biscuits and gravy and grits. Paige Battle's sweet tea for photographic effect.
Epic day. Epic lunch. Best grits I ever had. 

My Only Two Pictures of the Exeter Community Library Launch Party So Far
...before I scam more off others.

One of two lovely cakes. Fantastic and homemade by a local cake maker. 

This picture is of me and my sisters. I dedicated Ask the Passengers to them
because they save me from the flying monkeys.
This was an accidental meeting in the bathroom and perfect photo op.

Random Signs 


The guest's WHAT? What does the guest own?

These two entered without comment:


Jill said...

Hey Miss King! I live in Portland and LB&Co recently sent me your book, which was rad of them, and which I read and loved very much and my review should go up on AfterEllen.com soon-ish? In any case, I wanted to go see you when you were here but I was a jerk and couldn't make it. That all said, this post was grand because 1) I didn't know that Vancouver library existed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Now very excited to go. ALSO, was that biscuits and gravy consumed at Pine State Biscuits?! I hope so. In any case, hope you enjoyed your trip, and thank you so very much for your lovely books.

A.S. King said...

Hi Jill! I am so stoked! First, that you will now go and see the VCL, which is fantastic, and second because you read and loved my book. That makes me happier than a woman with electricity. Thank you for reading it and for your kind words. You rock.

Unknown said...

Hi A.S.!

I was there at the VCL! It was so awesome to see you there, even if I was all the way in the back row with my mom. I was one of the kids who entered the contest. I didn't win, sadly. But I won a box of Scrabble Cheese-Its, so that was fun.

That library is beautiful. I had never been there before the contest, even though I lived in Vancouver, so know i'm always begging my mom to go back there someday. The inside is gorgeous as well.