Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back on the ferris wheel...

Back on the ferris wheel.
This is going to be an AWESOME week.

After some top secret Max Black work early this week, I will be packing my bag and heading to Portland, Oregon. I have never been to Portland, Oregon but I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO PORTLAND, OREGON.

I am considerably stoked. I will be speaking at the Vancouver Community Library in Vancouver, WA, dropping into a school or two and seeing my awesome niece who I miss like crazy. (She spins fire, you guys. SHE SPINS FIRE.) Somewhere during this time I will dip my toe into the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

I am especially excited for my event on Monday October 22nd at Powell's Cedar Hills Crossing store. That's at 7pm.
See you there.

My blog tour starts on Monday, too. I will post links here and on Twitter (@AS_King) when I can.

Tuesday, the day I fly home, is official launch day for Ask the Passengers and then after a day to catch up on home stuff, it's the Official Launch Party at Exeter Community Library.
Have you registered yet?
You really should.
And don't forget you can get 15% off your books if you order by 10/20/12.

I'll be checking in when I can.
I will take a picture of my toe in the Pacific Ocean for you.
I will not spin fire.

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Matthew MacNish said...

Enjoy Oregon. It's almost as beautiful as Washington.