Thursday, October 25, 2012

And now we party

Tonight's the night.
We party down.
We celebrate Astrid's arrival into the world and eat groovy cake thanks to the Friends of the Exeter Community Library.

I was never going to have launch parties. The Vulcan in me wasn't really into the idea of making a big deal out of every book after the 15 years it took to finally have published books.
Sounds contradictory, doesn't it?
I guess it kinda is.

The best part about launching books at the Exeter Community Library is this: this library wasn't around when I grew up just up the road from it. Our closest library was pretty far away. Had ECL been there when I was a kid, I have a feeling I'd have gone there quite a bit.

Oh there are other best parts. It is in my home space, so I get to see family and teachers and friends from school. It's like a reunion without the lukewarm buffet and awkward dancing.

The teachers. To look into their eyes and thank them for what they did for me? Wish I could do that every day.

The family. And this year, my sisters, especially. My sisters are the coolest people in the galaxy and they've always supported my insane dreams.

The friends. More support. More love.

It's all good, these launch parties.
All good.

If you need info, go to my website and check out the invitation on the home page.


You can just click that link or let this snippet coax you further:
Astrid Jones endeavours to protect her sister from the flying monkeys. Vera Dietz (Please Ignore Vera Dietz) has angry monkeys in her head. How can we best protect ourselves from these monkeys?  
I think the truth pretty much protects you from everything. And so, the truth will protect you from the flying monkeys, whether they are swooping in from the outside or whether they are hanging out on the inside. (Additional flying monkey info: Pretending to know a thing is probably the most powerful flying monkey lure in the galaxy. Know-it-alls are covered in flying monkeys.)

I'll be back tomorrow with one more blog tour link and then sometime over the weekend, I'll make sure to get a photo blog of Portland/launch week together.

Rock it.

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