Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kingisms, Another Star for Ask the Passengers & Other Awesome Stuff


I'll embed a sample of the EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS audio book. It'll be released next Tuesday, the 11th. Kirby did a spectacular job. I'm thrilled. I'm beyond thrilled.

Next, I'll remind you that you can win a Google+ chat with me. What I forgot to point out in my last post about this contest and the accompanying review was this GEM of a new word that Jenny Torres Sanchez invented.
Kingism- A short narrative from the point of view of a seemingly odd, out of place, or nonsensical object/subject but which holds incredible meaning and is interjected throughout an awesome novel. Ex: including narrative from the point of view of a pagoda in a story decidedly not about pagodas (Please Ignore Vera Dietz).
I love that my odd, out of place subjects do what I put them in there to do. I'm especially honored that there is now a word for it. Thank you Jenny (and Karen, too!) for being so supportive and wonderful to me. It means a lot.

So. That second star.

Publishers Weekly reviewed Ask the Passengers this week and they starred it! Here's the review in its entirely:

There's a lot coming up in the coming weeks. An open invitation to the Ask the Passengers launch party, some more news, a podcast over at Sara Zarr's place. And one day I'll manage to write the millionaire/mediocrity blog...and the Sixth Writer's Middle Finger.

Until then, keep your eyes in their sockets.

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