Sunday, July 1, 2012

All the Awesome Librarians

 I am still conference-brained. And so, we will rely on pictures to talk about the awesome that was ALA Annual 2012 in Anaheim.

We start with my arrival on Saturday night where I met my good friend and author of my favorite book in over a decade, Andrew Smith. (GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE is coming to you next fall from Penguin--you will hear me screaming about it, Posse. Until then, please enjoy the killer sequel to THE MARBURY LENS, PASSENGER this fall and his brilliant WINGER in Spring 2013.)

I love this picture. My plane was an hour late and I had
to rush to get here, but dammit I got here.
And then there were doubles.
Once the bartender finally noticed us.
Photo courtesy of Drew Smith and Kristen Pelfrey's eye. 
We had a lovely dinner with our agent and then there were parties.
There are always parties.

Sunday was my floor day at ALA.

I had a signing at the Little, Brown booth and the place rocked for a solid hour. Thank you awesome librarians for waiting in that line and for taking time out of your day to come and see me. It means a lot more than I can tell you. (Okay. I'll try. All year, I lock myself in my office, writing books. Seeing many librarians in one place who seem to appreciate what I do during the other 364 days a year is pretty boss.)

Melanie Chang on Sunday.
Photo Cred: Andrew Smith
Reading on the Live! Stage.
Photo Cred: Andrew Smith.

Andrew Smith, me, and Kristen Pelfrey, the awesome teacher
of the phenomenal Angel Potatoes.
Photo Credit: Kristen and the eye of Deirdre Jones

Awesome signing pic from Fire and Ice Photo.
All rights reserved: Heather Zahn Gardner

Booth Bling: EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS and her stars.
And hey! Check it out. The Junior Library Guild came around and placed their lovely seal inside their picks and ASK THE PASSENGERS sported one. We had no idea. Thank you JLG! Thrilled to be on your list three years running. <3
And there's that, then. Woot.

Somewhere in here, I did a cool interview about how libraries have affected my life and or career.
When I told Mary that I was a library officer on my local board, she asked me to talk about that. 
So I did.

I went wandering around and saw a lot of my favorite librarians wandering around too.
I love having floor time at ALA. I learn something new every time. 

That's the smashing Paolo signing THE DROWNED CITIES. I love that book.
Next to him is my wicked-awesome editor, Andrea.
The great Victoria Stapleton is in this picture as well. You find her.

After doing some library missions for my library director, I came back to the Little, Brown booth and um, Sherman Alexie was there just hanging out. Dudes. Sherman Alexie. I call this my joyface.

The conversation we had after this picture was entirely inappropriate and wonderful.
The word 'vagina' was used many times. Also, other words that might get us
barred from speaking in some state legislatures.
Sunday night I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with a lot of cool LBYR people (I finally got to meet Daniel Handler and he is fantastic, as is his lovely wife.) The restaurant was in Disneyland where I snapped this picture.

Monday was an awesome day.
Breakfast with my editor. More floor wandering time. A walk around Anaheim. Then, an amazing dinner before the Printz ceremony, which I was looking forward to since Ellen Hopkins agreed to go as my date.

Here's the one photo I've got of the night. It was posted on Twitter by Corey Whaley, author of WHERE THINGS COME BACK, which was such a phenomenal book Lisa McMann called the Printz Award win when she handed it to me back in October 2011. I read it and agreed. And I am so happy we were right. Corey's speech was awesome. He is a lovely human and I am so glad I know him.

Corey Whaley ROCKS. That is all.
Photo Credit: Corey Whaley
Random Picture Time.

I always take a picture of hotel carpet.
This one wins.
FTW Hyatt Orange County, CA.
What happens to people's faces that they require this sort of soap?
I have never needed to restore my face.
And I bet you a million bucks this soap doesn't really restore anyone's face.
OH MY GOD. What is happening in that sink?
Look closely.
Is that lava? What is it? Why would anyone do that to their manos?

My favorite part of ALA?
If I had to think about it?
Is what I love about ALA every time. 
All the Awesome Librarians.

Hope to see you all next year. Now, back to the cave with me for two whole months. 
Books to write.
Laps to swim in celebration of book-writing.

Have an awesome summer. 


Beth Kephart said...

sounds fabulous, A.S. And so does your reading list (and new book!)

K. M. Walton said...

Great recap. Great photos. Great wit.

justanotherclue said...

Brilliant made me smile and want to be a librarian.

A.S. King said...

It was totally fabulous. I love ALA.
I also want to be a librarian, but since I can't, I volunteer on the board, or, when my term runs out, for the Friends.

But seriously. Isn't that last picture horrifying?

Kathryn Craft said...

Thoroughly entertaining, Amy, thanks! Great to see how your opportunities continue to grow. I'm so happy for you!

Courtney Krieger said...

I like how "steam" is rising from the manos in the sink. Apparently, that soap is so powerful it melts the skin. Very efficient. Maybe they should use it in Disneyland to cut down on cancer and birth defects. My god.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

ha ha! Yeah, we took pictures of those signs in Disneyland, too. Interesting....

Glad you had fun!

Sara J. Henry said...

One of the funniest blog posts EVER. I want you to always caption my photos for me.

A.S. King said...

I love captioning photos. Sometimes I think I should just make my blog all photos.

Amy, that sign just cracked me up. We get those warning labels on stuff in PA too, but to read that Disneyland can cause cancer was really quite shocking.

That must mean that me typing this comment might also cause cancer.

I think if I lived in CA, I would eventually grow really paranoid.

Matthew MacNish said...

There's too much awesome going on here for me to make any sense of it.

Curious_Sue said...

You should make like Sherman Alexie and get featured on Savage Love! Tell your people to get on it.