Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Very Late Winner Announcement

I wrote this three days ago. I am conference-brained. Forgive.

We have a winner!

My apologies for the uber-short post but I‘m at ALA and I’m kinda short on time.
Let it be known that this was a tough contest to judge. MacNish, I loved your haiku a lot and I loved yours, too, Valerie. But in the end there was a clear winner. Mr. Stephenson, thank you for the great piece about your puppy.

My parents claim I repeatedly threw my puppy in the toilet when I was a toddler. The puppy was stuffed, mind you, so don’t think I was a serial-killer-in-the-making. I was two. I have no recollection of sneaking away from my parents, stuffed puppy clutched in my chubby hand, ambling toward the bathroom. All I have as evidence is the tattered toy itself with its frayed brown fur and half-torn tongue. Larger than my adult fist, it was unflushable. I wonder what was.

I’ve written to you about choosing one of the prizes listed and once I get back from Anaheim, I will post whatever you choose to you!

Thank you to ALL entrants. You know, contests that require effort and might end up being a bit of craic (that’s Irish for fun) get fewer and fewer entries these days, so if you entered, you’re pretty much a star player in my eyes. I hope you’ll come around next time, when the prize will be an ARC of ASK THE PASSENGERS. 

Up next, the ALA post. Great pictures.


Unknown said...

I SO want an ARC of Ask the Passengers! I will do anything within my power to win the next contest - maybe even follow the rules! Congrats, Mr. Stephenson!!

Matthew MacNish said...

My entry was so dumb, but I put one up anyway, for exactly the reason you're talking about.

And I :think: Kristen may have something for me, but I don't know yet. I'm hoping!

Karin Perry said...

Yay Jason. I'm so glad he won. He is one of my Oklahoma Writing Project buddies and a great teacher to boot!