Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Crap. (And winners)

Holy Crap, posse. Westborough Reads Together was amazing.

Here are some articles about it to make up for the lack of words from me at the moment due to a library board meeting in an hour and pool painting weekend, etc. But know this: I will be writing a blog soon about the experience. I learned so much.

Here's one from the Westborough Patch.

And here's one from The Daily Westborough. (Warning: worst A.S. King picture ever. Seriously. I look like I'm about to scold someone for stealing my cookies.) (I know, it's not about the picture. But still. A girl can warn, right?)

The students, teachers, volunteers, library patrons, participants and the administration were so nice and supportive of Anita and Maureen's idea that they grew it into one hell of a success and it was an honor to be a part of it. I think one of the most interesting aspects for me was the effect of choosing a realistic book from the YA shelf as their book choice. It seemed to help promote discussion between many generations--not just teens and their parents, but adults of all ages joined into the conversations about Vera and Ken and Charlie.

Anyway, more on that later with pictures from Maureen or Anita's cameras because the former photographer didn't take one picture the whole day.

News from the front: This teacher rocks and this blog post made me happy. 

Don't forget to come and see me and Becky Fjelland Davis at the Loft Literary Center's Second Story Reading series on April 21st. It will be fun and I will not wear a toga.

For the winners of the latest contest. Thank you all for entering. It was a tough call. All of your words were awesome.

Here are the two winning entires. I encourage you to use them in everyday conversation.

Neighbro (n.)- A bro who lives next door to you. Is fond of having loud parties that disturb the neighborhood and of throwing beer cans on to you lawn. Can also be used when your actual brother lives next door to you.

 (Julie Seifert)
Pissadointed (adj.)- Feeling both angry and disappointed at the same time. Typically stemming from an inability to alter that which is the source of your frustration.

Source credit: my four-year-old daughter.

 (Eric Devine)
Rock it, Eric and Julie!

More soon. First, pools and libraries and probably some roller skating.


Matthew MacNish said...

Great entries! Congrats to winners.

Kristen Pelfrey said...

I heart you forever.

Sara J. Henry said...

Hey, not a bad picture - that's your "Really?" face. Or your "Oh, no, you didn't just ask that" face. (While in actual fact, it is probably just your "listening intently" face.)