Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday (Again) Vera!

Today is the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ paperback's launch day. We are so excited, we're giving away two signed copies of the book. Only one hook. You have to go to the Secret Facebook Hideout to find the rules. (Arr, you can take the girl out of the pirate, but you can't take the pirate out of the girl.)

So...there are a few ways you could have arrived at this blog post.

1. You followed a link from Twitter or Facebook and you landed here. If so, thank you. Please see #3.

2. You clicked on the link to enter the Secret Hideout contest to win one of two signed copies of the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ paperback. If so, go ahead and leave me a comment. 

3. You are a regular visitor to the blog and if so, you are clearly awesome. If you want to win a signed copy of the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ paperback, then you should go to the Secret Facebook Hideout to get instructions on how to enter to win one.

4. You stumbled here by complete accident. If so, see #2. Why not give it a shot? Free stuff is cool and this book has fans of all ages.

Other Awesome Stuff:

I will be in WESTBOROUGH, MA today celebrating with the awesome librarians, teachers and students at Westbourough High School, and later tonight at Tatnuck Books from 7-8:30. If you haven't heard about their amazing community read project, check out this post from last month.

Check out my week of writing-related blogs at Random Buzzers. This is a link to Monday's post. There will be one every day this week. 


Jason Lalljee said...

Quimboggled (adj.) You have just read an amazing book that has changed your life and because it is so indescribably amazing this is the only way to describe it.


"Oh my god..."
"What happened?"
"I just read this book! It... it..."
"What? How was it?"
"I'm, um, quimboggled!"

You may also refer to a book as "quimboggling" or an author as quimbogglicious, for their books are all universally quimboggling.

Jason Lalljee said...

I'm so sorry, I forgot my email! Just look at my last comment and please associate it with this email address:

Stephanie said...

Scrollpoxy (n.) The medical condition associated with the tiring of the index finger from scrolling through too many blog feeds.

"Man, my scrollpoxy is really flaring up again. I better log off an hour."

bookwormoakes AT yahoo DOT com

Krista said...

Jonah just made one up at dinner. Smurkturggle. Underwater smirking. Like "smurkterggling will get you thrown out of the public pool". We even conjugated it :). We are nerds

Kaya 3 at EarthLink dot net

Alyse said...

Terrastellations - The light patterns formed by groups of humans huddled in their homes at night. Stars look at them, have mystical names for their patterns, and occasionally make wishes on the moving ones.

"I looked down at the moving light and hoped with more hope than I knew I had. There was a sound, wissssh, and I sent that hope to the moving light in the Earth terrastellation called Colorado."

alyse.uriceATgmail.c o m

Julie S. said...

Neighbro - A bro who lives next door to you. Is fond of having loud parties that disturb the neighborhood and of throwing beer cans on to you lawn. Can also be used when your actual brother lives next door to you.

my email is juliees39 (at) gmail (dot) com

Julie S. said...

We're allowed to enter more than once, right? I like making up words. Anyway, here is my other word:

Pregret (n.) - The feeling you get before you do something you know you'll regret later.

My email address is juliees39 (at) gmail (dot) com

Valerie said...

monstrofic - when just horrific won't do. when you're best friend has had a sudden hormonal rage and lashed out at you, saying the one thing she knows will hurt you the most, she's behaved most monstrofically. don't worry; you'll probably do it to her next week - that's what bffs are for.

Eric Devine said...

Pissadointed (adj.)- Feeling both angry and disappointed at the same time. Typically stemming from an inability to alter that which is the source of your frustration.

Source credit: my four-year-old daughter.

email: ericjohndevine (at)

A.S. King said...

This from Sue, who emailed me:

My newly created word is:


Matthew MacNish said...

Is that the paperback cover? Looks like another gorgeous photo-realistic one.

iffath said...

Hurricanelost (adj.) When one feels like they are physically and/or mentally spinning out of their control in a violent manner, and are unable to find their way back to a normal state.

iffath said...

Hurricanelost (adj.) When one feels like they are physically and/or mentally spinning out of their control in a violent manner, and are unable to find their way back to a normal state.


Sara (of the Page Sage) said...

Spottinpox (n.) Bad luck. Someone with exceptionally bad luck. (Other forms include spottinpoxly (adj.))

Anonymous said...

Hizzfunk-(noun) When one nerdy middle aged man wears a tight hot pink shirt and thinks he looks good in it.

sentence: god, that guy has hizzfunk today.

credit: my orchestra teachers wears one at least once a week.

Anna said...


The noise one makes when a sigh is not good enough to express how dissapointed you are in something.

Sentence; After we watched Eragon we all gave a huge harumph.

Eva E. said...
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