Friday, March 23, 2012

So, About That Paperback...

It's cover insanity week here. So now I'll share that EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS paperback cover with you. I have to tell you: I love this cover so much. There are a bunch of reasons, but the big one is that I can't tell if this picture is of Lucky in the 21st century or Harry in the 1970s before he was drafted. I like to think it could be both and either. And that's the point.

But anyway.**

A random cool thing:
Check out this awesome Lego-inspired trailer for The Dust of 100 Dogs made by Justin Unrau.

Update on the secret book:
I'll hit 25k before the end of the weekend. Trying to get it to 30k before the ed letter comes for REALITY BOY.

And speaking of the weekend:
I come out of official hibernation this weekend. Should you be anywhere near Philadelphia, come out and see me, Beth Kephart, Susan Campbell Bartoletti, April Lindner, and Elizabeth Mosier at Pretzel Park in Manayunk for Young Writers Take the Park. Read more about it here on Beth's blog.

Chance of implosion any time soon: 

Chance that anyone predicting my implosion has already imploded:

Chance that Andrew Smith will be the only person who gets this part of my post:

**You know, you could have seen this cover yesterday if you were a member of A.S. King's Secret Hideout on Facebook. If you're on Facebook and you want access to cover reveals, news and exclusive content, you should join the crew at the Secret Hideout. Later this week expect a startling interview of someone by someone.

These things happen.
Carry on.


Sara J. Henry said...

I want a Lego trailer for my book ... way too cool!

A.S. King said...

Isn't it awesome? Thanks, Sara. See you in a month!

Matthew MacNish said...

I can't decide, for the life of me, what the coolest part of this post is.

Kristen Pelfrey said...

I agree with Matthew. There are so many aspects of this post that whack me upside the head in a good way.