Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free stuff is boss

There are a few ways you could have arrived at this blog post.

1. You clicked on the link to enter the Secret Hideout contest to win a signed copy of the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ paperback. If so, go ahead and leave me a comment. 

2. You are a regular visitor to the blog and if so, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, man. If you want to win a signed copy of the PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ paperback, then you should go to the Secret Facebook Hideout to get instructions on how to enter to win one.

3. You stumbled here by complete accident. If so, see #2. Why not win something? Free stuff is boss.


Shana said...

My favorite word since I was younger is flibbertigibbet. It doesn't come up often but there are the occasional times when I can say. "Yea that girl is such a flibbertigibbet". And usually nobody gets it :(

Annie Moore said...

Here's me using the word illustrious in a sentence in order to possibly win a copy of an illustrious book. A lot of people misuse my favorite word, illustrious, often while unknowingly being a prude.

If I do win this illustrious prize, would you be so kind to inform me at my email address


Jason Lalljee said...

I'll use the vocabulary word 'ultimatum.' It's awesome, because you can use it in a whisper or a shout, the latter if you're a soldier going off to war in Ancient Sparta. Please read the following in a 300-Gerard Butler-esque accent:

"You have left us at an unreasonable ultimatum! We ARE SPARTA and we will destroy you in reiteration!"

It's like a chess game between literate gladiators. Hope I win!

Lindsay said...

Here's me using the word solipsist in a sentence. The solipsist in me knows I will be the winner of this contest.

Cheers! Thanks for the opportunity!

sari said...

I love the word Quiet. It is not my favorite vocabulary word of all time, but since I have three boys, Quiet is something I appreciate a lot more now than ever, since it's so rare and elusive.

My email is thegeekinside (at) yahoo (dot) com if I am so lucky as to win.

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Here is me using adamant in a sentence. Being an 80s dudette, I am adamant about how hot Adam Ant was in the 80s.

80s dudette may be reached at detailsforyou_@_yahoo_._com

Kristen Pelfrey said...

Here's me using assuage in a sentence. A lot of people misuse the word assuage, often while trying to assuage my Constant State of Rage because they pronounced assuage as uh-swadge, which sounds like a regrettable encounter between a sandwich and some undergarments.

I am

Christie said...

Here is me using the word wackadoodle in a sentence. You would have to be an absolute wackadoodle to not want a signed copy of this book.

(p.s. I'm not a wackadoodle)

Sue said...

Here's me using the word incandesce in a sentence. I accidentally incandesced at Neil Gaiman, and then he stared at me.

Sue said...

P.S. If this is on merit, I vote for Adam Ant.

Julie S. said...

Here's my using the word "garrulous" in a sentence. Sometimes I am very garrulous, but when I'm reading a book such as this one, I am totally silent, because I'm so absorbed in the story.

My email is juliees39 (at) gmail (dot) com

Eva E. said...
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Anonymous said...

My favorite vocabulary word is defenestration. Lying with glass surrounding him, the man said he was a victim of defenestration, but still no one knew what he was talking about.

My email is:

Christina said...

For some reason, I've always loved (forever - even in the womb) the word hyperbole.

Here's my sentence: Hyperbole makes my sentences approximately 3 million times more interesting, though I hardly need it, considering that I'm the most gorgeous and intelligent person on this planet, and probably any other planet.

Joanne Levy said...

You know I loves my vocabulary words. I'll use conflagration.

My husband is trying to get more fiber in his diet, so his doctor suggested more legumes, which, sadly resulted in an odiferous conflagration.

oh look, I used odiferous, too.

Renée the Magnificent said...

Here's me using the word ominous in a sentence. Once, when camping with my friends in high school, I used the word ominous to describe a truck that had slowly driven by our campsite and only one person understood what it meant. To this day, the ensuing moments are still a very fond memory (nothing bad happened, either, so that was great).

I didn't see if this contest was open to Canadian entrants as well, so I'm entering anyways. My email address is livelifenowproject@gmail.com


Monica Fumarolo said...

Here's me using the word zeitgeist in a sentence. The zeitgeist of my generation seems to be that people don't give a rat's ass about even having a zeitgeist; we're all becoming apathetic fools.

(I hope my sentence isn't really truth, but sometimes I think it and besides, it feels like a very Vera thing to think haha)


Dennis said...

Here's me using the word frisson in a sentence. I get a frisson of delight when I hear a favorite author's new book is almost here.

Matthew MacNish said...

Or, you (I) keep a link in your (my) sidebar, so you (I) can check back everyday, because Google broke your (my) reader AND your (my) Blogger dashboard.


Peggy Martinez said...

Here's me using the word inconceivable in a sentence. It is inconceivable to think people would not appreciate someone using the word inconceivable....I do not think it means what you think it means! ;-)


Flannery (The Readventurer) said...

Lackadaisical. I find myself less lackadaisical than usual about this contest because I feel like I might have an actual chance of winning.

(When I first read about this contest, I was like oh! Parsimonious! Which book did I read/listen to where the main character loves that word. *facepalm*)

Also, LOVE the inconceivable one above me:) Princess bride, FTW!


Sara (of the Page Sage) said...

Here's me using the word callipygian in a sentence. Ryan Gosling is definitely callipygian. (: haha