Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Dudes. After that last post, I had to share.

Wilson Cris
  • wow........i am certainly speechless....what manner of beauty bestowed on one person. You must have been created on God's resting day.

    The name is raymond. i was looking perusing through a list of profiles when i found yours. i looked at it carefully and found out that we have lots in common, especially in the area of smiling like no one is watching, as ur picture suggested that. That is a very sexy picture u have there. it reminds me of the likes of the duchess of castle bridge, lady Jane who was made queen of England cos of her charming beauty, most catching enough she was a maid to the former queen Anna Boleyn when King Henry sited her in court (British History...tell u more later)lol. Hope u don't mind my humorous comparatives as i couldn't think of a better comparative than this.hehe. They were all damn beautiful.

    what do u say dear??? we could get to know each other more and better...would u like tht?.....chuckling.

    Love Always

Just so great, isn't it? AND an offer of a British history lesson later. Sure, Chuckling Raymond, I'll be there in a minute. In my Cromwell suit.

PS-I do what I can to block out names. I'm sure these people do what they can to not prey on people on the internet. Seems we're all doing our best.


Matthew MacNish said...

Raymond seems a bit confused. I thought THE name was Wilson? Or was it Cris?

I will agree on one thing though, in a totally non douchy/creepy way - you do have a lovely smile/frown. I can't confirm though, whether it looks anything like Lady Jane.

Liviania said...

I just wonder who they think will be enticed by the thought of being like one of Henry VIII's wives.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I actually do mind his humorous comparatives.

Sara J. Henry said...

This was hilarious - I laughed so loudly one of my dogs came in to check on me. But I'm also mildly jealous - I get only comparisons to an angel in my Facebook junk mail - no one who waxes quite so ecstatic.

A.S. King said...

Sara-I can hook you guys up if you want.

Sara J. Henry said...

Argh, no! I'll leave your mad would-be suitors to you! But at least you get vague, misspelled historical references.