Monday, December 12, 2011

We have a winner.

Wow. You guys make it really hard to judge a contest. I loved so many of these entries. I mean, from a Santa who yells, "Stay protected!" to an extra sock in every drawer to giving dances away to anyone who couldn't get a homecoming date to two mentions of a Delorean (one that delivers 70's and 80's toys), to "the creed of course is greed," to Millie who spreads joy with cheese in Boston to a watch that stops time to the UPS jumpsuit-clad Santa who flips the bird... a huge flying Dumpster, to the awesome ghost Santa who visits her sister, this was just a great bunch of 100 word stories.

Stephanie, your recruitment for teenage Santas was awesome! And Monica, your UN classified CLAUS division was great as was littlefluffycat's wicked good cat story and Sarah's story about Santa's daughter. And Rogue91101 your Evil Santa/John was completely out of the box. Loved it. And I loved your poem, Hugo.

Janet, your entry about "Just Read It" headquarters was the winner for me. Of COURSE I'd want to hang out with the Santa/s who give away books! Especially when you'd recommend The Book Thief to a person who needs to reconnect to his own humanity. Dude, that's such a perfect recommendation. And you've made it so easy to get gifts to everyone everywhere. Perfect solution.

(** Community hat on. . . ** I urge those buying e-reading devices to consider multi-platform devices which can read many different types of files and can also support your community bookshops through Indiebound ebooks.** Community hat off. **Who am I kidding? The hat never comes off.**)

THANK YOU ALL for your entries. Janet, I've sent you an email for mailing details, etc. and thank you again to all entrants. This is a time I wish I had ten more prizes to give away. I may stop in once more before the New Year, but if I don't, I hope you all have a great holiday no matter what you celebrate and none of you meet with Evil Santa. (<---soon everything will be his.)


Janet AlJunaidi said...

Dear Amy,
Congratulations on Everybody Sees the Ants and its Jr. Library Guild selection and SIX starred reviews!!! Thank you for your generosity in running this contest – inspiring all these stories and creativity. It’s an honor to be selected among such entries. And yes – please everyone support independent bookstores!!! Can’t wait to read Everybody Sees the Ants!
p.s. And thanks to Alvina Ling for tweeting this contest!

A.S. King said...

Thank you Janet! Hope you enjoy the books, and thanks again to all entrants who make these contests possible. You're all very gutsy.