Friday, October 14, 2011

A HUGE Thank You & Finally. . . Some Pictures

Dear Bloggers from my blog tour,

Thank you so much for being part of our launch week fun and for taking the time to have me around to your blogs. Your support means the world to me and the busier I get, the less I tell you this. But I know you understand and you want me to use my time to write more books, so consider this thank you a huge thank you for all you do for all of us authors. You rock to the maximum and I am sending you all a herd of cyber goats. Cyber goats look like this.

Now...for Launch week in PICTURES.

The east coast launch party at Exeter Community Library was AWESOME. I have to thank the ECL a trillion times for the amazing launch party. (Laura & Sandy--you know I'm looking at you.) And I need to thank The Friends of the ECL and I need to thank Aaron's Books who came up to the ECL to sell books and ROCK HARD LIKE INDIES DO.

Todd & Sam of Aaron's Books and the awesome Nic Dufort

Cakes! Rocking and seriously yummy cakes.
Ditto above. Seriously yummy. Maximum respect to Cake maker Kristen.
That's me and my completely awesome HS English teacher Rosemary.
It was a long line and I thank everyone who stood in it! YOU ROCK.

So then I nearly missed my flight to Arizona. Almost. I was two hours later than I'd expected and I met really really nice people in the Philly airport who let me through security and got me to Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. Before I got there, I made prize packs in my hotel room.

Ah, the glamor. Can you stand it?
Changing Hands was awesome as always. Thank you to all the awesome people who came out to see me and to Robyn and Brandi who set up the great event. Hope to see you again next year.

This is me and Amy Nichols at Changing Hands. Amy ROCKS.
Palomino Library TOTALLY ROCKED THE PLANET. Not just saying that, either.
On Friday, I had a few great school visits at Chaparral HS and then a killer event at Palomino Library in Scottsdale where I had such fun and was treated so wonderfully by everyone (I'm looking at YOU Jess & Co.) that I didn't want to leave. See that A.S. King collection they have up there? Woot!

Saturday, I hit the usual Barnes & Noble at Chandler where I met my blood sister Melissa and the completely cool CRM Sibley. No pics this time except for this smokin' endcap. They spoil me at Chandler B&N. I am so lucky.

I did secret things on Sunday. I will only reveal that it involved kicking Lisa McMann's butt in ping pong. (Or her letting me because she is a sweet host.) Other than that, it's top secret. Not even I know what I did on Sunday.

MONDAY: Awesome day with 80 awesome librarians at Chandler Library Staff Development Day. They made awesome bookworm cupcakes. Check it out.

Before I flew out on that red-eye, I did something I never even though I'd do. I had a girls day which was all about my first ever pedicure. I know. Totally not what you expected from the lady with the chainsaw.

Blue for my new roller derby team. Yes. I plan on embracing that forevah.

This is me with a baby I now love who belongs to two awesome people. Could have hugged him all day.

The entire girls day crew. They made me feel so welcome in AZ that I want to move there.
So! Now I have you caught up.
Tonight was a crazy bad driving night, so those of you who came out to Chester Co. Books & Music rocked for doing so. I had a great night and Joanne you are so awesome, I can't wait to come back already...and I just left.

Next up: OHIO! Check my tour page...Dayton's Books & Co. on Monday and Cleavland's Learned Owl on Tuesday. I'll be stopping at many schools--many with the hugely amazing CJ Bott--so I hope to see you then.

For now, I get to go to a wedding and dance with Mr. King this weekend, chill with my kids and, uh...pack.

Oh yeah. And pants. I have to shop for pants.


Charlene (Dad's cousin) said...

Hi following you on your blog & website. I'm convinced to get your books for my grand-daughters for Christmas, ages 12 to 19. Keep up the good work. We had lunch with "The Lynns" last week......great time and fun memories to share. Congrats from Charlene & Dennis Kline.

A.S. King said...

Charlene: How wonderful are you? (Answer: completely wonderful.) Thanks for the support! I will toss this out there, though: 12 might be a little young for my books. While I know a lot of people read above their age, the content (and sometimes language) in my books are recommended for ages 14 and up. I like to ask parents to read the books first to make, my books are for adults too and it's a great way to start discussions.
Rock on Charlene! Hope to see you soon.

Joanne R. Fritz said...

Thanks for the mention, Amy, and THANK YOU for the awesome inscription (and the ants). No, YOU rock!

Yeah, the weather was nasty. But we still should have had more amazing people there to meet you. Gosh. Why didn't I think of cake? Next time. :)

Thanks to the wonderful people who did come to see Amy last night in the fog.

Lori said...

Love all the picture! Those cakes are awesome.

Thanks for the cyber goats too! I've always wanted some. :)

A.S. King said...

Joanne--thanks so much for having me!!

Lori--you rock.