Friday, October 7, 2011

ANTS Tour Stop #5: Chilling with Booking Mama

Today's stop on the EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS Blog Tour is Julie at Booking Mama, who makes me blush and asks some great questions about how I write books.


She wrote a really great review yesterday and you can CLICK HERE TO READ IT. 

Julie, YOU ROCK. You're such a positive person and a positive blogger and I really love that about you. Some blogs go down that rabbit hole of snark and it's just not as classy. I am so glad you loved ANTS and I can't thank you enough for the great review and interview!

Speaking of ROCKING, last night was the Changing Hands event that ROCKED LIKE CRAZY! Brandi and Robyn were wonderful hosts and I am so grateful that Changing Hands has me back every year because not only are they wonderful people at a wonderful indie bookstore, but they are my good luck charm. Thank you Changing Hands for being my good luck charm! See you again soon. Picture to come, readers. At the moment, I am pictureless.

Today's in-person tour stops are in the Scottsdale area. See you later Chaparral High School! And don't forget me, Palomino Library: 3:30-5:30pm. We'll have some fun!

Don't forget tomorrow's (Saturday's) stops at the Chandler Fashion Mall's Barnes and Noble at 12 (Can't wait to see Missy & Sibley!) and then the Scottsdale Barnes and Noble at 3:30.


Maya said...

Are you coming to New York anytime soon??

A.S. King said...

Yes, Maya! I AM coming to NYC in two weeks, but I'm not sure exactly to where. I will post the minute I know!

Maya said...

I will make travel plans, then. :)