Thursday, September 22, 2011

Um, Wow. Best Monday Ever? (Yes, I know it's now Thursday.)

Addendum to Monday's post three days late...make that TWO STARS for the Monday of Awesome. Two stars in one day. Which is just so completely awesome that I had to go and disappear for three days.

This one from VOYA:
Lucky Linderman’s life is anything but fortunate. His controversial social studies survey landed him in the principal’s office, with a bonus visit to the guidance counselor. His dad is a conflict-avoiding “turtle,” a workaholic chef who is a POW/MIA activist. His mom, a self-proclaimed “squid,” spends her days swimming laps. Lucky is plagued by Nader McMillan, a bully who has tormented him since the age of seven and shows no signs of letting up. After a particularly brutal session of physical abuse, Lucky’s mom surprises him with a trip to Arizona to visit her brother and his wife. Meanwhile, Lucky has a secret nightlife—he repeatedly attempts to rescue his POW grandfather in Vietnam via surreal jungle dreams. Then there are the ants, a kind of anthropomorphic Greek chorus of insects that have begun to illustrate his thoughts. King remarkably channels fifteen-year-old Lucky, creating one of the most believable teen male characters in young adult fiction. Readers will empathize with his problems and root for him as he searches for the best way to finally take control of his own life. Ginny, the feminist neighbor and “hair model,” proves a good foil. Adult characters fare well here too, as King reveals their strengths and flaws, making them three dimensional in a way that many authors fail to do. Lucky comes to understand that he is not alone in suffering. This unique coming-of-age story will hold tremendous appeal for reluctant male readers.
So, I'm back from Atlantic City where the awesome NAIBA booksellers were as nice as they always are and no one made fun of my too-big pants. Still no shoes, but who cares? I do need some before I head for Arizona on the 6th of October, though. Also, will someone out there eat two enchiladas for me? Or, really six. I need to catch up.

More soon. I just got the full ASK THE PASSENGERS manuscript back, so it might be a while...

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