Friday, September 23, 2011

And now it's Friday. Somebody freaking pinch me.

Okay woah. This was a heck of a good week. You'll never guess what just happened.
EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS got another starred review. If you're counting, that's three in one week and four in all.
I know, right?
You're all, "WTH?"
And I'm all, "I know, right?"
You're all, "Get out!"
And I'm all, "I know, right?"

But it's true. School Library Journal has this to say:

Lucky Linderman has been tortured by Nader McMillan since they were seven, when Nader inexplicably peed on him in a restaurant bathroom. Now it’s the summer before sophomore year, and ever since Lucky unintentionally got the bully in trouble with his social-studies survey about suicide, Nader’s harassment has escalated. What’s more, everyone thinks Lucky is serious about killing himself, and in addition to this and the bullying, his parents’ marriage is falling apart. The only way Lucky can escape his life is through a touch of mysterious magic, in which he dreams of communicating with his grandfather, who has been MIA since the Vietnam War. In his dreams, Lucky is strong and fearless, ready to stop at nothing to rescue him. When Nader smashes him into the concrete at the community pool, crushing his face and pride, Lucky’s mom flies them to Arizona to stay with her brother and his wife for a few weeks. During his time away Lucky learns that he is okay with being a “momma’s boy,” that he can’t keep escaping his life in the jungle of his dreams. King’s heartfelt tale easily blends realism and fantasy. Through a man he never met, Lucky learns he can stand up for himself and stop Nader from terrorizing him and other students. Some mild language and discussion of male and female anatomy are included, but they are within the realm of the story and necessary for these teens to sound real. A haunting but at times funny tale about what it means to want to take one’s life, but rising above it so that living becomes the better option.
I still haven't started the final work on ASK THE PASSENGERS, so if you see me back here, scold me roughly and slap my wrist. It has to be done before ANTS comes out. That gives me a week. Yikes.


Joanne Levy said...

SO well deserved. Congrats on this and all the great stuff to come!

You know, like a pony or a marmot or something.

A.S. King said...

You rock, Joanne. I'm thinking there's definitely a marmot to come. I've had ponies. Totally overrated.

Cat Connor said...

Could you seriously rock any more?? I mean, wow. :D

So very much deserved!!

Now back to trying to avoid the Whoopi Goldberg movies that are playing in my head.