Monday, August 1, 2011

Booklist Digs Lucky Linderman

We're having a great week at Casa King, reorganizing our house so it's not always full of toys and random bits of kid stuff. (Actually, all this means is that we carved out a 12 x 12 area that is ours where I can actually leave a book out and no one will touch it. Presently on the book table: REVOLVER by Marcus Sedgwick (finally!) and Josh Berk's new book, which is hilarious.)
Most important: IT'S CORN WEEK.
Anyone who knows me knows this makes me very happy. By end of the week, we'll have the freezer full of corn for the winter. The bonus side effect is I get to eat a lot of corn.

Before I go back into my cave to work on the next book, I wanted to share two things with you.
First, this great starred review for EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS from Booklist that came to us in the last weeks:
Fifteen-year-old Lucky Linderman doesn’t feel lucky. After creating an ill-conceived school survey on suicide, he is besieged by well-meaning but ineffective adults who want to “make sure he’s okay.” But though he is honest about how “not okay” Nader McMillan's bullying is, no one intervenes, not even his parents, who are too caught up with their own inadequacies. Better to pretend everything’s fine, even when Nader’s bullying escalates, and Lucky begins seeing the ants, a tiny Greek chorus that says what he cannot. The only place Lucky has agency is in his dreams, where he runs rescue missions to save his POW-MIA grandfather from Vietnam. But are they only dreams, or will bringing his grandfather out of the jungle save Lucky, too? Blending magic and realism, this is a subtly written, profoundly honest novel about a kid falling through the cracks and pulling himself back up. Lucky narrates with bewildered anger and bitter humor, his worrisome moments of emotional detachment going unnoticed by the adults around him. Though heartbreaking, the story is ultimately uplifting, as Lucky accepts responsibility for himself, his family, and the other victims he knows are out there, seeing the ants and waiting for someone to speak up.--Krista Hutley

Isn't that awesome? We thought so too.

Also, I wanted to share the paperback cover for PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ with you. The paperback will be out in April 2012.

Okay. Off to reorganize one last room and then swim and then buy lots of ice for corn day. Then swim more. Then write a chapter of the secret project. Then probably more swimming. And then more corn. I love American summers. . . even if they do make my hair frizzy.


Jonathon Arntson said...

I'm pretty much blown away by Booklist's review.

The fervor to read the book grows daily

A.S. King said...

I was also blown away, Jonathon. I have a feeling you'll like it!

Stephanie said...

I didn't think it was possible for a review of Everybody Sees the Ants to make me want to read it even more, but this Booklist one did. I'm looking forward to this book more than any other media released this year.

Also, the paperback cover of Please Ignore Vera Dietz is gorgeous. I usually dread seeing the paperback cover of a book I've loved so much, but this one makes me want to go out and buy the paperback to sit alongside my hardback copy on my bookshelf (maybe I will; then I'll have one to lend).

A.S. King said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I also love the paperback of VERA. It took a few tries, but in the end, I think they nailed it.