Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random News & Pictures

Hello Awesome People!
(This is not just how I start speeches or now, blog posts. Apparently, this is also how my kid starts her letters home from camp. Color me proud.)
It's been a CRAZY BUSY spring and summer. I have bits and pieces of news and a few random pictures to share now that I am officially off the road until the launch of EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS in October. (October 3rd, 2011, to be exact. Feel free to pre-order through your favorite place to buy books. Links available on the dedicated EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS website.)

First, a few lingering pictures from ALA in New Orleans:

The awesome Tiff and me at the Printz Reception!
Dear Stephanie, There should be a word that rhymes with Stephanie that means AWESOME.
Photo: Rocco Staino
Proof that I met Blythe Woolston! Photo: Publishers Weekly


Please Ignore Vera Dietz has made the 
Pennsylvania School Librarians Association's YA top 40 (or so) list!
Thank you PSLA committee!

Now More pictures. This time of our annual writer's retreat:

What? You didn't think we worked at writer's retreats? 
Oh we do. We do.

That's Jackie Kessler, Brian Howe, Ty Drago, me and Heather Brewer. 
Can't wait until  next year!

More Advance Praise for EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS

“A tough, realistic novel about kids helping themselves to grow up because the grownups have refused to. Lucky Linderman is not a hero, and that's the point; he's got a right to be here, as who he is and what he is, and he learns to claim that right, and it changes everything. It's the simplest kind of story there is, and those are often the best.”
—John Barnes, author of 
Printz Honor Book Tales of the Madman Underground

"Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King is both imaginative and utterly real. It's depiction of the woes of the slightly off-beat teen is spot-on. Anyone who has ever been lonely, picked on, called to the school guidance counselor because someone else was a jerk, or told to brush it off or ignore it will totally relate to this book. A must-read!”
— Alex Flinn, author of Beastly 

This time, of my two awesome trips to Bryan High School in Omaha, Nebraska. First time around, it was for a great author panel with Matt de la Pena, Ellen Hopkins, Coe Booth and Lisa McMann. Bryan High School had a lot of books for us to sign. I took these pictures to prove it. 

That's Ellen Hopkins up there with a book pile that would have made me pass out. 
And who's that peeking up from behind her pile?
(Yes, you can tell it's Lisa McMann from her awesome hair, can't you?)

For the second time to Bryan High, Heather Brewer, Jackie Morse Kessler and I did our SPEAK OUT program about bullying, self esteem and navigating safe relationships for an amazing crowd. This picture is of us with the AWESOME youth librarians Gordon and Rory.

If you got this far, then you get to hear some...


Junior Library Guild Selection for January 2012.
The ants are donning their party hats and planning a party.  


Now, off to write books before the next flight in October.
If I'm slow to answer email, forgive me--I am in the zone.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It Really Does Get Better

Just wanted to share this here. Immensely proud to be part of this project.
It really does get better.
Trust me!